TNWiki Article Spotlight: TechNet Wiki's Microsoft Azure Portal

I've got to say, I was just bouncing around, and then all of a sudden... BOOM!

Microsoft Azure Portal


I landed on one of the most amazing pages I've ever read!

This wiki article is truly what it's all about. It's got everything, and as you go, you realize it breaks down a separate category-based TOC, by service:

Azure Services

Each Azure services belong to one of four service categories. You can use this clickable map to jump to the corresponding section within this portal. Most, but not all services are available in all regions - see Services by Region  .


Data Services

App Services


Virtual Machines 

Cloud Services

Web Sites

Mobile Services


SQL Database



Recovery Services 

Media Services

Service Bus

Push Notifications


BizTalk Services

Active Directory

Multi-Factor Authentication

Visual Studio Online


Virtual Network

Traffic Manager


And it's just beautiful! Every section includes official links and a whole lot of Wiki resources contributed by the community!


And when you start digging into the history tab, you realize that Carsten built the vision and original content and has ran the maintenance of the page, but it's also been thanks to the contributions of several top Azure influencers!

Special thanks to our phenomenal contributors:


And my ask to you is to help us get the right Wiki articles listed there! I think we have some great official resources covered, but we have a ton more Wiki content that could be included on this page.


Thank you all for your help as we seek to give back to the Azure community!

   - Ninja Ed


PS: This is an update to Alan's blog post here: TNWIKI - Article Spotlight - Microsoft Azure Portal Guide

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  1. UPDATE: Adjusted the table of links slightly.

  2. pituach says:

    Thanks Ed, great post,
    This Azure Portal article looks very useful

    * There is an issue with all the internal links at the "Azure Services" menu. When you click them you redirect to the same page. It is not act as internal link (using anchor) but as external link (the page is reloaded)… I will check how/why…

  3. pituach says:

    I found the issue 🙂
    The article title changed probably and all the internal links points to old URL so it act as external link (the WIKI Engine redirect us to right new URL)
    * For example:
    Should be fix into this:
    I will fix it 🙂

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