TechNet Guru 2016 – New Logo and "Badge of Honor" Suggestions Needed! Can you help us decide on design?

Dear designer of digital delights and delectation, we need you to switch on your ARTY HEADS!

That's right, my brothers in books!

A chance to show that you are more than just the Wizard of Words, but also the Viscount of Vision, and an Awesome Artist



History of the TechNet Wiki Ninja Stick Man

Stories of the TechNet Wiki Ninja go way back my friend. Waaaaay back...

Legend tells of "The Creators", and the terrible blood thirsty stick man fighting videos that they became addicted to. 

From that early influence came the first images that we now know and love as Ninja Stick Man...

It wasn't long before the legend spread and a community grew around the common goal of technical excellence through sharing and helping those less awesome than ourselves.

Slogans popped up all across the globe, on park benches, tube stations, and alley walls.

Messages which read "TNW - Information is Power" (by the hawks) and "TNW - Sharing is Caring" (from the doves).


Eventually, a figure stepped up to help us define the movement, with further visions and sketches of "The Stick One" in its many other contexts.

"Helping us understand more about ourselves... as well as each other..."

Her name was  and her visions were digitized for posterity here: - "Wiki Ninja Stick Figures"



Suffice to say, IT WENT VIRAL!

It took the world by storm... or rather, by stealth!

Here is a copy some fella put on a well known file share site:


The figure eventually ended up on just about every house hold item and piece of clothing that you can imagine.


Look at this very happy winner below!

He is wearing his [very rare] Wiki Ninja T-Shirt!

And just look at his happy little face, beaming from ear-to-ear with pride and joy in obtaining his new COOLER look!


And what's this? A cheeky MVP has "photo bombed" his proud moment!

Diving in with the "double thumbs bomb", a classic move... hahaha!




As TechNet Wiki grew and the community flourished, it was decided to try and recognize some of our Warriors of Words.

So to reward those heroes who were fighting the good fight, against ignorance and bad practices.

Those who were filling our lives with literary love and inspirational ingots! 

So began the weekly Top Contributors Awards!!!

It was a natural progression for me at the time to adapt the existing [by now] legendary icon that was Ninja Stick Man, into Medal Stick Man!

After Top Contributors came the monthly TechNet Guru Awards!!  

As you can see, I simply extended the concept one step further, with silver and bronze versions of the medal.

Next year, TechNet Guru will be in it's fourth year, and that is thanks to all of YOU - The Community. Past and present, hot or cold, tired out or fired up!

As a special celebration, we are considering some actual real physical in-real-life PRIZES!

Yes my wizened warriors! Finally you can unsheathe the ultimate word weapon... your own genuine TechNet Wiki Ninja "WINNER 2016 PEN"



The Crux of the Problem 


I hope you skim read most of that. You can probably tell, I don't get out much these days...

From 2016, we will be awarding very special pens to those we deem worthy!

It will be a limited edition run and will be "first win, first served".

When they're gone, they're gone!

The ways you can win this (and any other exclusive rarities we offer) will be in later blogs.

This is about iconography baby!

If we are to start to reward stationary, badges and the like, we need an awesome logo.


  • If for example, a pen were to be embossed with "TechNet Wiki Guru Winner 2016", and the printers could add a little logo as well, what should that be...

  • If winners of the award wanted to add a reference in their signature or awards list, what could that look like? 


We have some amazing work below, from :

What do you think of these?


Do you have any better suggestions?



How To Help

Send us your ideas!

Post us your designs!

Feedback your opinion of other's contributions!


Add your ideas and drafts on this Wiki page:

TechNet Guru Iconography Suggestions


Most of you regulars in the community know how to get hold of one of us, by email, forums, Skype or phone.

If not, you can just email Ed Price (edprice at Microsoft).

Or simply fill the comments below with your pros and cons of ideas.

Things we should consider from your own icon experiences.

Or even to just question the need for anything more than just that original legendary stick man...?!

He who will of course out live us all...


Thanks for reading.

Hope to hear your thoughts.

Best regards,
Pete Laker (XAML guy)

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  1. Um, this blog post is….


  2. And you can always drop your drafts on the Gallery. Another idea. What about an associated Wiki article where people can upload their submissions/drafts/suggestions for this?

  3. Andy ONeill says:

    Maybe onedrive or dropbox would be a better place to put original pictures. Unless there’s actual code. Something that generated an svg crossed my mind. That could be pretty cool. But you’d need ninja graphics skillz to be able to write something put 3d
    look writing on a medal or something that was variable.

  4. Andy ONeill says:

    Yes you ninja’d that article Pedro.

  5. Pete Laker says:

    Thanks Ed and Andy.

    Thanks also Andy, for the wiki contributions page!

  6. I added a link to Andy’s Wiki article in the blog post.

  7. Pete Laker says:

    By the way, I should also give a big thanks to Chendrayan Venkatesan for his photo with Ed, which I pinched for this article.

  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    Calling all International Iconographers!
    Peter Laker AKA XAML guy AKA Pedro ( Lord of the Competition

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

    Back in December, we’ve been having this ongoing discussion to improve our "medal art"

  10. anonymouscommenter says:

    Exciting news for the Community… finally the 13th edition of TechNet Wiki Magazine (or January

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