Council Spotlight - Help maintain Azure on TechNet Wiki

I'm following up my earlier Thursday post: Council Spotlight - Who will be crowned the last TechNet and MSDN Gurus of 2015???!!

...with another Council initiative!


Azure has changed branding from Windows Azure to Azure (a few years back), and we need to make sure that's reflected well on TechNet Wiki. In general, we need to make sure all the Azure articles are represented well (easy to find the right articles and grouped together well).


We can use your help!!!


First of all, here is the Azure tag of Wiki articles:


You can go check out those articles and familiarize yourself with what we have.


Here is how we can use your help:

DONE! 1. We need to move the Windows Azure category up under "A" in the Technologies Portal, to a new "Azure" category instead:


2. On that page, we need a scrub of the Azure articles. Are those articles up to date? Are they our best Azure articles? If they're outdated, we should remove them and replace them with our best newer Azure articles. To find our best Azure articles in the last few years, check out #3... 


3. Over on the Azure Guru Awards page, it was last updated for May 2015. So a few more months need to be added (we completed up to October):

TechNet Guru Contributions - Azure

You can get that info from the different awards blogs that XAML guy posts:


4. We need to go through this list of "Windows Azure" tagged articles and make sure that they also have "Azure" tags (or at least the ones that still help for the current version of Azure):



5. Over on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki, we need to make sure our great Azure articles are well represented in all the other category buckets (blue boxes) at the top:

Here are the portals (other than Technologies, which we covered in #1 and #2 above): - Azure articles should fill up this one


6. We can use your help cross-linking the top Azure articles to each other! Learn more about that:

Wiki Life: What do you put in the See Also section? Should every article have one?

Wiki Life: What are in-line links?

Wiki Life: Why do we have See Also and Other Resources as separate sections of links?

Okay. Those are all the requests we can find! =^)


If you're helping with any of these, even in a small way, please leave a comment and let us know. Thanks in advance!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (6)

  1. UPDATE: Chen V has been helping us switch out the tags from "Windows Azure" to "Azure" instead.


    This list is getting shorter:

    And this list is getting longer:

    Thanks, Chen V!

  2. I updated the blog post with better spacing.

  3. And I did some more of #4 (which Chen V has also been doing)... changing the Windows Azure tag to Azure instead.

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