Show Time: TechNet Wiki Magazine

The publication of another issue of the  TechNet Wiki Magazine was recently announced on the TechNet Wiki Ninja Blog.

When I checked the magazine, I was really impressed by the quality. A lot of effort must go into building such a high quality document, so I thought it deserves to highlight this and praise the team publishing the online magazine.

Who is behind it?
The heroes behind the magazine are Sandro Pereira and Craig Lussier


I wanted to know more about the philosophy behind the magazine so I interviewed Sandro.


What is the driver and motivation for publishing the magazine?

The principal idea behind the magazine is to spread the word about TechNet Wiki, promote the best articles and their authors, what they have done and offer another way of sharing their knowledge. The motivation is to promote them and their content and somehow ( why not ) bring more contributors to TechNet Wiki to add their content to the Wiki.


What benefits does the magazine provide for those who are not aware of it?

I think we all know the impact of social networking sites nowadays have, not only in personal or professional terms, but as a vehicle/channel to convey information and news to the masses. So this idea falls under the presence plan of the TechNet Wiki on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and so on), and we thought that a magazine (or newspaper) fits well in that plan. As another channel it might connect to a different audience.

For me and in my personal opinion, I like this type of format. Let's say it's a different layout to see the TechNet Wiki, at least some of the content, because not all the articles are referenced in the magazine, in a magazine/newspaper format where I can see a short summary of the article and/or images, and if I have interested or like the topic I can access the full article.

I would like to thank Sandro very much for his efforts in bringing such a wonderful magazine.


I also would like to take the chance to encourage everyone to share into TechNet Wiki!

Below some links to get you started.


John Naguib
Wiki Ninja Blogger, SharePoint Expert, Speaker and Solution Architect (Profile)

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  1. Thanks for the reference and interview John.

  2. John Naguib says:

    My pleasure Sandro thanks for everything and this magazine.

  3. Thanks for doing this Sandro. Quite awesome.

  4. pituach says:

    Great post John
    well done on the TechNet Wiki Magazine Sandro and Craig

  5. Great explanation. Thanks, John!

  6. Davut EREN says:

    Thank you John, Sandro and Craig

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