Wiki Life: Tags 2 – the article HAS WHAT????

Yes, it's been over a month since my last Wiki Life!

This article continues where I left off, here:

Wiki Life: Tags 1 - What are the common tags on TechNet Wiki?


So that just breaks the ice with the fact that we have a list of common tags, and we should put some effort into building that list, maintaining it, and putting our foot down on some best practices. And then helping make sure we (as a community) can drive all that forward.

Has Tags

First of all, in the comments we tackled the debate as to whether or not we should have "has" tags...

Those tags are for Microsoft internal purposes to understand the trends as to which articles are getting comments so we can more fully understand Why.

Is it of value? Yes.

Should we add them? Yes. So even if some folks disagree with that, we're going to encourage other folks to add them. We won't twist anyone's arms.

Should you add them to your own articles so that other people don't make small edits on your articles to add them?

Yes. =^)

But, I would argue that edits that fix grammar, consistency, accuracy, and remove/replace broken links... that's more valuable.

So the general recommendation from Microsoft is to add those tags as edits, but to also try to make more substantial edits with those other benefits.


So, what are the Has Tags?

See Wiki: Common Tags...



has back to top link

The article has back to top or return to top links.

has code

The article contains a code / script snippet.

has comment

The article has at least one comment in the Article tab.

has image

The article contains at least one image.

has kb

The article contains a link to a Microsoft Knowledge Base article on the Microsoft Support site.

has Other Languages

The English article includes an Other Languages section, which means it's been translated into at least one language.

has See Also

The English article includes a See Also section, which consists of links to other TechNet Wiki articles.

has table

The article contains at least one table.

has TOC

The article contains a TOC, created by the TOC tag.

has video

The article contains embedded video content.

These are the tags we're using for "has". As a stake in the ground, we've been keeping them singular, meaning one or more. Thus, we don't need to have a "has video" and "has videos" if the article has two videos.


This is a minor thing (as I mentioned above), and the bigger goal is to make edits for grammar, accuracy, fixing links, and so on. So we recommend that if you're going in and adding tags, please also look for these other edits as well.


Ideally, everyone should just add these to our own articles. Then no one else will! And I also mentioned that the language tags are the most important, because those bubble the articles up into our language leaderboards. So this includes the en-US tag on English articles.


And here's your question:

Are any "'has" tags missing?


Let's discuss them first here, in the comments, and then we'll add them to the article: Wiki: Common Tags


Personally, I'd like to have a "has Additional Resources" tag to this list, as we seek to add that section to more articles (it features non-Wiki links).  12/4 UPDATE: Added it.


12/4 UPDATE:

Which "has" tags should be combined:

Don't Use Change it to
has images has image
has screenshot has image
has photo has image
has picture has image
has Return to Top links has back to top link
has Back to Top links  has back to top link
has comments has comment
has Knowledge Base link has kb
has translations has Other Languages
has videos has video
has external links has Additional Resources*

*Additional Resources is the name of a section that points to non-Wiki links (the Wiki links go in the See Also section, which goes above this one). So if the article has any external links, the Additional Resources section should be added, and it should include the link(s).


Anything else we should add to this list?


Thank you for helping make TechNet Wiki awesome!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Well done Ed. I know the singular vs. plural tags threw me for a while. I have since gone singular for the "has" tags.

  2. Great. Thanks, Ken. There was a time when people were using both and it got a little difficult. Or people used too many that meant the same thing, like has picture, has image, has screenshot, and so on.

  3. Okay, one "has" tag that was missing was the "has Additional Resources" tag. I added that one:

    It helps track and promote people to add that section, which lists the links that go outside the Wiki. The Additional Resources section should go below See Also (only TechNet Wiki links) and above Other Languages.

  4. I updated this blog post. I added a section that lists off what tags to not use and which tags to use instead of those ones.

  5. Thank You for this blog.I just come to know the use of has tag for article’s

  6. That’s great, Syed! You’re welcome.

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    It’s time for me to return to Wiki Life and to the Tags series! This is part 3…

    Wiki Life

  8. anonymouscommenter says:

    This blog post is Part 4 in this series:

    Wiki Life: Tags 1 – What are the common tags on TechNet

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