International Update – The Wiki Ninjas French Blog!

We'll do our international update a tad late this week. Last week I covered what was happening on the Brazil Portuguese blog:

Wiki Ninjas - Brazil/Portuguese Blog Updates!


Today we're digging into the same thing, but on the French blog!


Our top contributors lately:


    1. Mise à jour international - Technologie Biztalk
    2. Spotlight Conseil - Nouveaux membres du blog internationale.
    3. Dimanche - Surprise - Événements qui se tiendra en Novembre ici à 2015.


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Special thanks to Hezequias and Nicolas for leading the French community!


Join the world! ...on TechNet Wiki.

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (2)

  1. If you’re fluent in French and want to help the French community out, please talk to Hezequias and Nicolas!

  2. Hi Ed. Big thank you for spreading the French community. Nicolas is a good name in our community. 🙂

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