Council Spotlight: How to Win TechNet Wiki Guru Award? You Share We Care!

In our last blog post we shared about writing TechNet Wiki Articles using a template, and that showed how fast we can create Microsoft Technical contents easier and faster. Let's see one of the interesting things about contributing to TechNet Wiki. This is just one among many! Every month we run a TechNet Guru of the Month competition for the best article.

What is TechNet Guru Contributions?

Please refer the article TechNet Guru Contributions shared by Naomi N

How to Participate?

It's easy, just share your contents by reading this blog post shared by Ed Price

How to write an article to Win?

Here are some tips and tricks that may help you WIN!

  • Keep your content linear, precise and concise.
  • Don't think about the length of the content, it depends on the technical subject you write about.
  • Avoid jargon. Other contributors may translate your article in many foreign languages. So, all the translators will not support jargons!
  • Explain in technical and functional terms.
  • Include screen shots.
  • Mention the platform versions, and highlight pros and cons . This is very important!
  • Justify the solution you shared in the article. It may be an alternative, or only a method to implement.
  • Provide reference links to your content to help readers to get more insight about your article.
  • Keep your article as reader friendly as possible.

We are waiting to show your potential to the world, and to award you with the title "TechNet Wiki Guru!"  


  1. Your TechNet profile will be highlighted with medals.
  2. People across the globe read your article and may translate in other foreign languages.
  3. You can win a badge tile "TechNet Wiki Guru" which is useful for your blog post.
  4. Since TechNet Wiki is one sharing portal for multiple technologies, your pride will be showcased to the globe.

Come Join us!

With Regards,

Wiki Ninjas

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  1. Peter Geelen says:

    Well done, Chen!

  2. This is a great summary of tips and the rewards!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! ;=^)

  4. Thanks Chen. Good job.

  5. Chen V says:

    Thanks Ed, POC and Ken for your feed backs and support!

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