The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (October 2015)

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And below are the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, October 2015 !!!!


The TechNet Guru Awards celebrate the technical articles on TechNet, contributed from valued wiki authors like YOU!

Each month, the contributions are scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts), and the winners of each category are showered with love and attention from all corners of TechNet.

See the links at the bottom, to find out more about the competition and how to enter.


We have picked the top three highest scored contributions for each category to bestow our awards upon.

The awards are in gold, silver and bronze, the gold obviously being the top winner of the category.

The last column is just a few of the comments judges made during the judging process.

In some cases, we have not obtained permission to use the judges names, so they have been reduced to initials.


My fellow wiki ninjas will be digging deeper into some of these articles in this blog series, so watch out for those.


A big thank you also to the other authors who did not make the top three of each category.

Some articles only just missed out, so we may be returning to discuss those too, in future blogs.

Guru Award  BizTalk Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Kjetil Tonstad BizTalk Server Installation PowerShell Toolkit Sandro Pereira: "Wow Wow Delightful. A masterpiece for admins and something that developers should learn. Keep the good work Kjetil."
Abhishek Kumar: "Kjetil Tonstad thanks for your valuable contribution .Really loved reading it and this article will be a good reference for me as well as community to automate BizTalk Installation process."
Ed Price: "The code snippets really make this a powerful article!"
SW: "Powershell Toolkit is a valuable resource for a BizTalk Operator. Clean installation is key!"
TGN: "Great article, code and references"

Silver Award Winner


Suleiman Shakhtour BizTalk Server: Receiving SAP IDOC Flat File Messages Ed Price: "From the introduction to the images and explanations... all very well done!"
TGN: "I love this, great use if images and explanation. My favourite this month"
Sandro Pereira: "The layout of the article had to be revised, different types of lettering, size and so on. You should be more careful. It hinders reading the articles even if they are good, it will make it uninteresting. The content could be improved but still and interest article."
SW: "SAP integration can be tedious. This article helps a lot when dealing with SAP."

Bronze Award Winner


Janardhan Bikka PowerShell script for creating BizTalk Hosts,Host Instances,Adapter Handlers and custom event log Abhishek Kumar: "Janardhan Bikka lot of information shared here for automation loving guys in single TechNet Article .We are thankful for your contribution to the community"
Ed Price: "Great script! Love to have the sample code available on MSDN Code Gallery as well!"
SW: "Valuable script for creating hosts. "
Sandro Pereira: "Despite being a different way to do it this is an old topic with a lot of references event inside TechNet Wiki doing the exact same with PowerShell. When you see a topic that already exist, you shouldn’t create a new article, instead you should edit the existent one and add new content and improve it"
TGN: "Great script and explanation, but maybe you want to define the database in a string rather then inline code"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • BizTalk Archiving, The BizTalk Way by Johns-305
    SW: "Archiving is always an important aspect of any BizTalk environment. Like to solution approach."
    Ed Price: "Incredibly clear. Very well formatted! Great setup. Fantastic use of images! "
    TGN: "Although BizTalk is not created for archiving the possibility is in there. It is not recommended for production use. however great explanation. Again... do not use DTA tracking database for archiving. Create your own. (you need to know the difference between tracking and archiving)"
    Sandro Pereira: "May exist a confusion here between archiving and tracking. I have a complete different opinion and you shouldn't use the tracking features for archiving propose. You can implement archiving without performance impact or limited impacted however unnecessary tracking can deeply affect the performance of your environment especially if you use it as an “archive”"
    Abhishek Kumar: ""
  • A Thread Safe Singleton Cache Helper Class by Mauricio Feijo
    Abhishek Kumar: ""
    TGN: "nice one, could use some more content though."
    Sandro Pereira: ""
    SW: ""
    Ed Price: "Good scenario and solution!"
  • BizTalk Troubleshooting: Could not enlist Send Port. Exception from HRESULT: 0xC00CE557 by Mauricio Feijo
    TGN: "good tip for people migrating"
    Sandro Pereira: "The layout of the article had to be revised but I always like technical and practical articles “Errors and Warnings, Causes, and Solutions” is one of my favorite topics. Nice work."
    Abhishek Kumar: ""
    Ed Price: "Great to cover these troubleshooting scenarios! Good contribution!"


Guru Award  Forefront Identity Manager Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Ryan Newington Providing confirming imports to the sync engine when your target system doesn’t support delta imports Ed Price: "Wow, that's a long title! =^) -- I appreciate the depth of the narrative and all the inline links help give you a lot more info you can dig deeper in to. Great job on this article!"
PG: "Nice system 'hack', would love to see some technical details and step-by-step or a sample/demo of this implementation."
Guru Award  Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Chervine Sentiment Analysis API with Azure Machine Learning JH: "Nice example and easy to follow. More articles related to the Azure Data Market are appreciated."
Ed Price: "Fantastic! Love the diagram and how clear this is!"
Alan Carlos: "Excellent!"
AS: "Nice article! Thank you for the contribution!"

Silver Award Winner


Chilberto Azure Service Bus Messaging with Queues using Sessions Ed Price: "Great scenario for Azure Service Bus!"
JH: "I see more and more articles about Azure Service Bus. Would love to see even more. This one is nice and simple."
AS: "The last code block seems incomplete. It will really be appreciated if you also attach a full project that can just be downloaded and run."

Bronze Award Winner


Alex Mang Diagnostic Logs - Get Them Like A Pro Ed Price: "Good scenario for this one with some powerful information!"
JH: "Good article covering the basics. Would love to see an article built-upon this one which shows a little bit of log processing."
AS: "Good write. One comment though: logs can also be saved to a table or blob storage, not only locally (ref.:"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Azure HDInsight on Linux by Chervine
    JH: "HDInsight on Linux is great. Love the approach Chervine takes. Also great is mentioning how to access Ambari."
    AS: "I would really like to see more explanations about the executed commands, not just screenshots of the results."
    Ed Price: "Great scenario and use of images for this! Important to get this documented! "
  • WordPress on Azure: Optimizing database by Pooja Baraskar
    Ed Price: "Good depth and use of images! Could benefit from Headers and a TOC. This is a common and important scenario!"
    JH: "Using WordPress myself this article is also helpful for my day-to-day life. Great to see articles covering PaaS, where you don't have to fight with the platform itself."
    AS: "Nice article. Although not really focusing on the real problem - optimizing WordPress database, the article jumps over too much different problems (i.e. connection issues, subscription issues). "
  • Windows 10 powered Home Appliances – A new look at Microsoft’s Internet of Things (IoT) by Zain Butt
    Ed Price: "Great use of images! Solid Conclusion and great job on the References section!"
    JH: "This article misses some technical content. Would be great to cover this from a technical point of view."

Guru Award  Miscellaneous Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


SYEDSHANU Group Messaging For Samsung Gear Using MVC Web API And AngularJS Richard Mueller: "Good images. This article could use a TOC, a "See Also" and "Other Resources" sections to link related references. Was "StudentMasters" another table? Should references to "MessageDetails" be "MessageDetail"?"
Ed Price: "Fantastic article! The instructions are incredibly clear and the images really make this shine! Powerful depth on this one!"

Silver Award Winner


Alex Mang ASP.NET and Its Love For WebHooks Ed Price: "Incredibly useful and valuable scenario with great depth and supporting information! More of a Wiki tone/voice would help. Very important topic! Great job!"
Richard Mueller: "Interesting topic. The style of this article is very much like a blog, which should be avoided. Try to avoid first person."

Bronze Award Winner


Michel Jatoba Mobile Device Management for Office 365 Richard Mueller: "An important topic today. Good detailed steps. The images are not English and the grammar can use some work."
Ed Price: "This is a great scenario on O365 with good instructions and images! Images in English would help."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

Guru Award  SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


John Naguib Configuring eDiscovery for SharePoint 2013 the complete steps KB: "Wow! This is a great post! It would be more attractive and even more useful if you add screenshots for the several steps."
TN: ""
Hezequias Vasconcelos: "Step by step in the SharePoint 2013 configuration is excellent content."
Margriet Bruggeman: "Great idea for an article. I'm missing however a clear table of contents."

Silver Award Winner


Arleta Wanat Create a report on SharePoint file versions Margriet Bruggeman: "This is a to the point article. Good to have some see also links!"
Hezequias Vasconcelos: "Fast versions of SharePoint 2013 identification is great to develop applications for this platform. Important point to SharePoint community."
KB: "Nice walk through!"
TN: ""
Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Ed Price - MSFT Microsoft Small Basic 1.2 Release Note Richard Mueller: "Lots of information and great images. I like the extensive "See Also" section."
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Exciting new features and fixes"
RZ: "V1.2 is a major release with tons of new features and enhancements. Thanks for this article to highlight them."

Silver Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Microsoft Small Basic v1.2: Known Issues RZ: "V1.2 is a major release milestone. But there are a few minor issues. It's good that Nonki wrote this up to document it."
Richard Mueller: "Good use of Wiki guidelines."
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Good to know your known issues"
Guru Award  SQL BI and Power BI Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Sergey Vdovin SSAS: Slicing and dicing over data differences between SSAS databases JS: "Nicely described and detailed wih the references. Nice work!"
RB: "Nice walkthroough will definitely try it and to overcome the problems described"
PT: "This is a thorough and extensive article with some very useful information about reading data in one SSAS database from another. This is a valuable contribution however I'd recommend updating the title to help readers know about the technique it describes. It's not clear from the title that you are creating an SSAS custom function in C# that will read data in a different SSAS database for comparison."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month but with anonymous negative comments:

  • Change the Look & Fill of the Report Manager by Suhas Kudekar
    A: "From the title (BTW the way, it should be feel, not fill) only the last part about "Navigate to ReportingServices.css file" is relevant to the topic.. "
    B: "not much info about what the title says, not even an example of what to write to change the look and feel"
    C: "This post needs some work and contains information that is common knowledge. Please check the spelling of words in the header text. The word "Basic" is misspelled as "Bascic". Also, I think the title should contain the phrase "Look and Feel" rather than "Look & Fill"."
Guru Award  SQL Server General and Database Engine Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Yashwant Vishwakarma SQL Server Logins: Back To Basics Ed Price: "Great story being told here. The images help a lot! This series could use a TOC and headers in these articles. Good job on this article!"
Durval Ramos: "The article is interesting, but need to add Reference links."

Silver Award Winner


Yashwant Vishwakarma SQL Server Authentication Modes: Back To Basics Ed Price: "Clear instructions. Good use of images! This series could use a grammar pass."
Durval Ramos: "I believe this article does not add much knowledge to the TNWiki Community. You must also add links to your references"

Bronze Award Winner


Yashwant Vishwakarma SQL Server Users Explained: Back To Basics Durval Ramos: "This article is an addition to SQL login, you can create a series about this content."
Ed Price: "Good use of images and code. There is a lot of content out there on this topic, so it would be good to have an Additional Resources or References section that links to some of it."

Guru Award  System Center Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Adin Ermie Deploying Office365 ProPlus with SCCM Fails to Detect Installation Completed Successfully Richard Mueller: "Lots of images with detailed step by step instructions."
Ed Price: "Wow! Great depth and details on these instructions. The images really bring a ton of clarity to this scenario. This is a valuable troubleshooting scenario. And there's a video too! You can embed YouTube videos directly in the Wiki articles."
Alan Carlos: ""

Silver Award Winner


Idan Vexler Query Daylight Saving Time information with SCCM Richard Mueller: "An interesting query."
Ed Price: "A good query. Short and sweet. It could be improved with See Also and Additional Resources sections at the bottom. Good contribution!"
Alan Carlos: ""
Guru Award  Transact-SQL Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Anil Kumar Execute Long Running SQL Statements Asynchronously from .NET JS: "Please move this to C# instead as not being a TSQL topic."
Richard Mueller: "Well done, with a good explanation. Some links to references would help."
Durval Ramos: "This article have a good sample and very well detailed with images and source code, but need to add "Reference" and "See Also" sections."
Samuel Lester: "Great work! I'd love to see more C# / T-SQL posts!"
Guru Award  Universal Windows Apps Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Saad Mahmood Integrating Dynamics AX with Mobile apps using ASP.NET Web Api JH: "Love the scenario. Would love to see more articles about it, including a complete code example."
Ed Price: "Great scenario! Good quotes from MSDN. Should have a reference source link on those. The table is a very helpful comparison. Good breakdown on the sections."
Guru Award  Visual Basic Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Emiliano Musso Use SqlCommand to process multiple T-SQL statements at once in Visual Basic .NET MR: "Great nugget of a tip! Thanks for sharing!"
Carmelo La Monica: "Fantastic topic. Useful for to process multiple T-SQL. Very detailed code. Congrats!"
Richard Mueller: "Very useful concepts with good code examples."

Silver Award Winner


.paul. LCM-HCF Richard Mueller: "Interesting ideas and code. I liked the images."
Carmelo La Monica: "Same response for sample on C#Language."
Guru Award  Visual C# Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


SYEDSHANU Audio, Video and YouTube Video Player in C# Windows Forms Carmelo La Monica: "Very great content, and very good image an code."
Jaliya Udagedara: "Great article explaining the usage of two nice COM components, Windows Media Player and Shockwave Flash Object in a Windows Forms Application. You also can download the sample from the MSDN Code gallery. Great job!"
Richard Mueller: "I liked the images."

Silver Award Winner


.paul. LCM-HCF cs Richard Mueller: "Very interesting code. Good use of Wiki guidelines."
Carmelo La Monica: "Very useful for fraction and for Math, congrats."
Jaliya Udagedara: "Easy to use Windows Forms Application to calculate Common Multiple and Highest Common Factor. Hint: Why not upload the sample to MSDN Code Gallery?"

Bronze Award Winner


SYEDSHANU Master Detail DataGridView C# Winform Jaliya Udagedara: "Shows some cool capabilities in DataGridView control using a Windows Forms Application and you can download the sample from the MSDN Code gallery and try it out."
Richard Mueller: "Basic database concepts used to create a different view of the data. Try to avoid use of first person."
Carmelo La Monica: "Great work, useful for to see datail and very good graphics, C# code very organized in all part."
Guru Award  Wiki and Portals Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Andy ONeill Wiki Governance: Target Microsoft Related Content Richard Mueller: "Good use of Wiki guidelines. I liked the point about an obscure connection to Microsoft technologies and how readers can be confused."
Durval Ramos: "This article helps everyone to improve our TNWiki articles"
PG: "Nice additional guidance on the We will use this as additional reference. We might need some more examples of go/nogo and borderline cases."
Guru Award  Windows PowerShell Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Curtis Smith Active Directory Troubleshooting: server has returned the following error - invalid enumeration context Richard Mueller: "Good detailed troubleshooting steps. This should be very useful. The original Get-ADUser statement got cut off. It would be nice to see the rest, especially what happens after the pipe. Also, once the solution was found, it would be good to repeat the original statement."
Chen V: "Excellent article and good presentation"

Silver Award Winner


Satyajit321 PowerShell: Check Exchange Server Active Directory versions Richard Mueller: "Good information. These scripts (retrieving the value of the rangeUpper attribute of the ms-Exch-Schema-Version-Pt object) should work with all versions since Exchange 2007 (at least)."
Chen V: "Well written. References links are helpful! "

Bronze Award Winner


Arleta Wanat SharePoint Online SPOMod: Set-SPOFileCheckin Richard Mueller: "We could use more explanation. For example, I could not find any documentation on "UYYU" and what it means."
Chen V: "Good Article! "
Guru Award  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Andy ONeill WPF: Layout Lab Richard Mueller: "A good tutorial on the subject."
Ed Price: "Oh my! I love the depth here, Andy! Great job on code formatting and keeping it interesting. Great read!"
KJ: "great and thorough 101 to wpf layout -- nicely done"

Silver Award Winner


Tom Mohan WPF: ValidationRule Richard Mueller: "Very interesting code. There should be many uses for similar rules."
Ed Price: "Great scenario and valuable code! Short and sweet!"
KJ: "could be longer but good code snippet"
Guru Award  Windows Server Technical Guru - October 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Richard Mueller Active Directory: Bad Passwords and Account Lockout Mark Parris: "Invaluable AD Information"
JM: "This is an excellent article, thanks for your continued contributions"

Silver Award Winner


Jefferson Castilho Hyper -V Replica in Windows Server 2012 R2 JM: "This is a very good article on Hyper-V Replica that would benefit from an edit pass for clarity"
Mark Parris: "Good Hyper-V insight."

    A huge thank you to EVERYONE who contributed an article to October's competition.

    Hopefully we will see you ALL again in November 2015's listings?


    If you haven't contributed an article for this month, and you think you can create a more useful, clever and better presented wiki article than the winners above, here's your chance! 😀


    Best regards,
    Pete Laker

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    1. Saeid Hasani says:

      Congrats to all! 🙂
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    2. Congrats to all winners 🙂

    3. Saeid Hasani says:

      I agree with JS about the "Execute Long Running SQL Statements Asynchronously from .NET" article. I already read it, and it is not a T-SQL article.

      Troubleshooting a long running SQL query has its own path that contains checking issues related to

      Network, Latches and Locks, IO, Parallelism, Database Design, Concurrency Model, Blocking, Indexing, non-SetBased Querying, and so many other factors.

      But, this article is just about how to get data from SQL Server.

    4. Congrats to our multi-award winners for October!

      2 people won 3 Awards: Syedshanu (Miscellaneous & Visual C#) and Yashwant Vishwakarma (SQL Server)!

      4 people won 2 Awards: Alex Mang (Azure & Miscellaneous), Arleta Wanat (SharePoint & PowerShell), .paul (Visual Basic & Visual C#), and Andy ONeill (Wiki & WPF)!

      That’s a total of 6 multiple award winners!

    5. Congratulations to all the winners!

    6. John Naguib says:

      Congratulations to all winners and thanks to reviewers

    7. Andy ONeill says:

      Congratulations all.

      Yep, The execute long running sql statement article has no T-SQL content and is more about c#.
      If I get time I’ll review articles in future and move any seem to be in the wrong category.
      Maybe a lead judge ought to do that sort of thing. If we have such a thing.

    8. Chervine says:

      Congrats to all winners and many thanks to all Judges!

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    10. Thank You all Judges for your encouragements and kind words.Thank You Ed Price – MSFT for your comment.Congrats to all winners.

    11. Congratulations to all winners and a warm thanks to all Judges 🙂
      Keep sharing your knowledge and stay blessed 🙂

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      thanks for the warm reviews and congratulations to everybody. and yes – finally i changed the title ) it was not easy )))
      SSAS: Slicing and dicing over data differences between SSAS databases via C# UDF and shell dimension

    19. anonymouscommenter says:

      Greetings Everyone!
      It’s another Tuesday and I am warmly welcoming you all to the TNWiki Article

    20. anonymouscommenter says:

      Greetings Everyone!
      It’s another Tuesday and I am warmly welcoming you all to the TNWiki Article

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      I’m following up my earlier Thursday post: Council Spotlight – Who will be crowned the last TechNet

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    23. NOTE: We now have a Skype group that is exclusive to Guru Gold Medal Winners! So if you’ve won a gold medal, but aren’t in the Skype group, please notify me on Skype. My Skype name is “live:edwardnprice”


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