Friday – Italian Wiki Ninjas Community Update

Hi everyone, I'm Emiliano Musso and, for my first blog post, today we will see some news about the Italian Wiki Ninjas Community.


It's now been a year since the post written by Luigi Bruno, in which he presented the Italian Facebook group (please refer to: International Spotlight - Introducing the Italian Wiki Ninjas Facebook group!). It's time for some updates and stats!

Since 2012, the Microsoft TechNet Wiki has had a page which groups articles written in Italian. The articles are are either originally Italian or translated from an article in a different language. You can find us by searching on TechNet for «it-IT» and «Italian Wiki Articles» tags. So far, 275 articles has been tagged with «it-IT», plus 163 with «Italian Wiki Articles».

The main page of our portal is «Articoli italiani su TechNet Wiki (it-IT)». There is also a page dedicated to our authors:  «Articoli italiani su TechNet Wiki - Autori (it-IT)». Our current manifesto is available at «Articoli italiani su TechNet Wiki: manifesto (it-IT)».

Locale Tag Ranking for it-IT

The Italian Community currently occupies the 8th position in Locale Tag Ranking (thanks Tomoaki for your constant updates!). We are hoping to not only add more articles of ever increasing quality.

 Social Activities

The Facebook group, which was created to encourage members interactions (and to inform about the publication of articles and community news also) has grown The Wiki community consists of authors, councillors, MS Administrators and of course not forgetting the readers. The TnWiki is open to anyone who wishes to be part of it. If you appreciate our contributions, we'll be happy to have you with us. While i'm writing, the group counts 128 members. We are evaluating the possibility of widening our presence on social networks, in order to reach a larger audience.

 TechNet Wiki Italian Members Activities

Lets see some stats about the Italian Community members (limited to those who are listed on page «Articoli italiani su TechNet Wiki - Autori (it-IT)»)

Author New Articles Article Edits Comments
Luigi Bruno 165 1,666 1,614
Carmelo La Monica 119 383 57
Emiliano Musso 54 388 293
Fabrizio Volpe 21 141 14
NinoRCTN 7 128 8
Alessandro Alpi 5 44 1
Antonio Pelleriti 5 42 0

 TechNet Guru Awards won in 2015 so far (gold medals only)

Our Community members take part to the monthly TechNet Guru Awards competitions on regular basis. Here follows a list of first places we've obtained in the current year.

Wiki Ninja Belt Status: Who has what belt ranking in Italy

Some of us were interviewed for Wiki Ninjas Blog. You can read our interviews here:

 Interviews with Italian Wiki Ninjas

I hope you liked this update.

Here's to success of the whole TechNet Wiki Community in work as well as the Wiki. Thanks to everyone for the great efforts you put into creating the wonderful TechNet Wiki Communities worldwide.
Have a great Friday, and a good week-end as well.

— Italian Wiki Ninja Emiliano
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  1. Nice first post Emiliano! Good Job.
    And great to see such an active community in Italy. Forza Italia!

  2. Luigi Bruno says:

    Nice post, Emiliano! Good job as usual.

  3. pituach says:

    well don Emiliano!
    The Italian Wiki Ninjas Community are doing great job, and it is nice to read about it.

  4. Amazing! I love the list of the contributors! Fantastic job with this!

  5. Great work Emiliano 🙂

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