Hello world – did anyone actually read my blog?

Hello everyone,

are you there?!?  I cannot see you…
This actually brings me to second part of the blog but first… Hello world!

Part one: Hello World

Any developer is familiar with the idea of the “Hello World” program.
"Hello World" is the simplest application we can create, which just returns the message: "Hello World". The whole purpose is to make sure that everything works properly, and we can move to our more complex cases.

"Hello world" blog in this scenario is basically an announcement “I am here, and you can start follow me here”.
By tradition, it could soon also be you that we are following!

I am passionately advocating  the idea of "Code Reuse" (well you can say that I am efficient or ... lazy), and therefore I decided simply to add a link to my User Page, and in the same breath I want to attach a link to the User Pages’ list. I invite you to go through the various user pages, and get to know the people who use our Wiki a little better.

Using Ed Price's words, Wiki User Page is a TechNet Wiki page devoted to explaining who you are, and what you've done. A User Page is given as a reward for contributions.

Well now that I can bypass the need to say who I am, what can I write to make this post a bit more interesting?!?

I dedicate my first blog on the TechNet Wiki to all the bloggers and articles’ writers who contribute to the community, by sharing their knowledge and experience, on their own free time, to help others.

This blog is written for you, hopefully it will be useful.

Part two: I wrote the best blog ever but did anyone actually read it?

Why do we write posts (articles, blogs)?

Well I know that the answer might be “to help”, “to share”, and so on… but the real questions should be:

  1. For whom do we write the posts?
  2. Did we reach our goals?

By the way, "purposes" vs "objectives", it is a great subject for another post. A lot of developers confuse the two.
Well the “why” is our purpose, but the “goal” is the objectives.
Even if you wrote the best post in the entire internet, you cannot reach the goal without bringing it to your audience!

A post that no one reads, is the same as post that no one wrote (Do you love the phrase please feel free to add some in the comments).

The power of community!

A group of 300 members is much better, than ten thousand individuals. If you don’t believe me, you can watch the film 300.
Synergy is the creation of a whole, that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

The TechNet community has lot of communication channels which you can use to expose your posts in order to reach your audience.
But unfortunately, they are not used, by most bloggers/authors yet. If you did not use these channels yet, then it is time to use the power of the community.

Once you posted a blog then you should start your real work…
Reach your audience, by publishing your post on our Facebook groups! Keep this list of links, and whenever you write something... go over all the links and publish your post to your target audience in all the relevant groups.

TechNet Wiki Ninjas on Facebook

July 16, 2014 the TechNet Wiki Ninjas global group was created. Following the global group (English), we created local groups for different languages. Today, these groups are very active and very large numbers of people follow them.

If you posted an article or a blog, then remember to publish it there, and enjoy from the best option probably that you have to reach hundreds of people, that are actually reading blogs and articles.

Moreover, the Facebook group is a Bi-directional communications channel. It is the favorite place you can discuss your posts directly, get feedback and improve your posts. If you are going to participate in the TechNet Guru Competition, then this is the best place to discuss your article, once posted on the monthly contributions page.

To summarize

Well ... Now when I published my "Hello World", I can start to post here more often, and move to my next blog post.
I wonder if someone had read this blog…

One second... I did not follow my advice yet!
Once the blog is online, it is time to reach my audience. I will publish this blog in any communication channel that I have, starting with our TechNet WIKI Facebook groups.


Thanks for joining Ronen’s First blog on The TechNet 
See you at Facebook, in my next post here, in the TechNet Wiki, or in my personal blog.


If you not already in the "TechNet WIKI Ninjas" groups on Facebook, then it is time to join us there!

Comments (18)
  1. Peter Geelen says:

    Hello Ronen, good start for the first guest blog here… the first blog is the toughest. Keep up the good work!

  2. pituach says:

    Thanks Peter 🙂

  3. Andy ONeill says:

    Hi Ronen.
    Don’t know about anyone else but I’m an unenthusiastic social media user. I don’t do Facebook.

    I have a Linkedin profile, come to think of it that is somewhat out of date.

  4. pituach says:

    Well… Andy, It is time to join us on Facebook groups!
    By the way, we need 7 more members to get 500. I wonder who will be the 500 member 🙂

    It is great platform to do more then just publish something, it is Bi-directional communications channel, which is the BIG advantage! It allows discussions and not just announcements.

  5. Chen V says:

    Excellent Post !

  6. Pete Laker says:

    Great first post Ronen! Looking forward to many more.

  7. Naomi N says:

    Nice and well written post. It reached me through my e-mail when I got notifications about new posts on Facebook

  8. Hey Ronen,

    Nice first post for the Wiki Ninjas blog.

    I was alerted to your blog post through my Outlook RSS feed. If others want to know how to set it up I wrote a TechNet article here:


    As well, I joined the global Facebook group. Thanks for letting me know about it. I am not on Facebook a lot but I will check it out when I am.

  9. Thank you very much and congratulations on the article.
    Enter the Facebook community in Brazil Article .
    Thank you

  10. pituach says:

    Thanks you guys 🙂
    I really appreciate all the feedback. It is great to read your comments.

    >> Great example Naomi, of advantage of being a member in the TechNewt Facebook group…
    By the way, People are not aware the fact that you brought me to the TechNet WIKI. I "blames" you for everything I have done since :-). So again thank you for all your contribution to the community.

    >> Ken, I saw the message that you joined the group. We have another new member, which brings us to 495, in one group 🙂
    I have not seen your article till now… Next time that you post article, I will see the link at The Facebook group :-). very nice article.

    >> Thanks Jefferson, The group was added 🙂
    If you can contact me on Skype it will be great.

  11. Great post, Ronen! Thank you for sharing 😉

  12. Kamlesh Kumar says:

    Awesome post for the Wiki Ninjas blog Ronen !!
    Nice quote "A group of 300 members is much better, than ten thousand individuals." 🙂

  13. pituach says:

    Thanks Emiliano & Kamlesh 😉

  14. Pituach, it’s great to be reminded of the opportunities to connect with the TechNet Wiki community!

    Thank you!

  15. Pituach, I added your first blog post to this list of contributors:

    Great to have you on the blog!

  16. pituach says:

    Thanks Ed 🙂

    The nickname which I created years ago in favor of anonymity browsing on the net, really stuck, and today people don’t know my real name. It came to point that people call me on the street using this nickname. Today I have no option to change it since most
    of my online profiles uses this nickname… so I stuck with it as well 🙂

    * I edited the article and added my name before the nickname, so instead of PITUACH it will be: Ronen Ariely (aka PITUACH)

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