Wiki Life – Contributions of the Brazil community.

Hi Wiki Ninjas.

Welcome to the Wiki Life.

It is my pleasure to present the contributions of the Brazil community.

Happy to occupy the second place overall with 4310 articles.

Other community pride contributions.


Of the 27 states in the country, 11 are those who collaborate on wiki.

Analyze the contributions of 115 employees and 22 surpassed 40 articles published in the wiki.


We are proud to have featured TechNet Guru.

Profile: Michel Jatoba

Wiki: Stop and Start VMs with Automation on Microsoft Azure


Who does not know the Wiki Ninjas Brazil blog go to:

To 10.28.2015 we have published 18 blogs on Wiki Ninjas Brazil.

The number of blogs is by author:

Profile: Jefferson Castilho

Blogs: 13

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Profile: Hezequias Vasconcelos

Blogs: 4

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Profile: Durval Ramos

Blogs: 1

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Profile: Alan Carlos

Blogs: 1

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We are happy to share the results with the international community.

We encourage our community to contribute because it's cool.

Go Go Wiki Ninjas

Thank you.

Wiki Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos ++

Comments (5)

  1. A great community! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, that’s amazing that you have it divided by state in Brazil! Great job with this, Hezequias!

    And a big thank you goes out to the Brazil community!

  3. Andre says:

    Parabéns pessoal !!!

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