Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Rafael Bandeira de Oliveira

Hello Wiki Community, today I bring you the Monday interview with a Wiki Ninja.

My name is Jefferson Castilho 
and it is my pleasure to introduce Rafael Bandeira de Oliveira


Here are some of his community stats:

  • 30 Wiki articles!
  • 100 Wiki Edits
  • 34 Wiki Comments
  • 1 Forum Answers

Who they are, where you are and what you do?

My name is Rafael Oliveira Flag, 34, Married, I am Carazinho-RS and now reside in São Leopoldo-RS. I have 12 years experience in the IT field, currently working as the Group Infrastructure Analyst Gold and Silver. Administer all part of servers, storage, network, and Active Directory management, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Server, WSUS, DNS, DHCP and VMWare.

What are the technologies of their specialty?

Expert in technologies such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Windows Server Virtualization. It also has certification in ITIL V3, ISO 20000, ISO 27002, Cloud Computing and Exin Certified Integrator Secure Cloud Services.

How did you meet TechNet Wiki and what their first collaboration?

I had heard TechNet Wiki is a long time, but met the same fund in April 2015 and became interested when the Alan Carlos 

published a post on Linkedin Group at Microsoft Technet Brazil with the title you want to contribute to the TechNet Wiki ?, I exchanged some emails with him and from that moment I started posting.

My first article was about how to disable DEP - Quando adicionar um programa a DEP não resolve o problema

In addition to its work on TechNet Wiki, in which other places you usually contribute?

Usually contribute beyond the TechNet Wiki, blog and in my profile on Linkedin.

What are your major projects now?

I am dedicating myself to write posts on Active Directory, Exchange and Windows Server and Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Solution Deployment call Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits into your work?

It's my source of consultation when necessary to answer questions, I use to learn more about Microsoft technologies and apply best practices in my work.

In addition to consume this content will also collaborate with articles.

What interests you most in the TechNet Wiki?

What interests me most is the sharing of knowledge and quickly we can update us.

  Among the articles he contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, what are its favorites are?

Guia de Sobrevivência: WSUS Server 3.0 SP2

Guia de Sobrevivência: Active Directory no Windows Server 2008 e Windows Server 2008 R2

Utilizando o Locksmith do DaRT 7.0 para Alterar a Senha do Administrador Local (pt-BR)

Who impressed in the Wiki community and why?

So many articles that helped me, I will name a few, here we go: Fabio HaraDaniel DondaRogério MolinaAnderson PatricioLuciano LimaCleber MarquesRafael Bernardes among many others.

As I received the help of many people indirectly, I decided it was my turn to contribute.

Thank you for the contributions and the interview Rafael

Come and be part of the team of Ninjas Wiki contributing to the Microsoft community.

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Até a próxima!

Wiki Ninja Jefferson Castilho ( BlogTwitterWikiPerfil )


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  1. Thanks for the interview Jefferson. Nice to meet you Rafael.

  2. Wow! Nice work Rafael. Thanks for sharing Jefferson.

  3. rafael bandeira de oliveira says:

    Nice to meet you too Ken Cenerelli

  4. rafael bandeira de oliveira says:

    Thank’s Hezequias

  5. Fantastic! It’s great to virtually meet you, Rafael!

  6. Nice knowing you Rafael! Thank you Jefferson for sharing

  7. rafael bandeira de oliveira says:

    Nice to meet you too Danish

  8. rafael bandeira de oliveira says:

    Nice to meet you too Danish

  9. rafael bandeira de oliveira says:

    Thank’s Ed Price

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