Visual Studio 2015: Debugging tools (Part 2)


In the previous article, tools for debugging in Visual Studio 2015, was made an overview of all the tools made available to developers. We started analyzing the Diagnostic tool, or the ability to perform a complete analysis of the consumption of memory and CPU resources that our application requires to run. In this article we will explore what is new, the Timeline tool. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing – the first article came in handy before.

  2. Great article, thanks Carmelo

  3. Great. I love the emphasis on VS 2015!

    Here are some Guru judge notes…

    Durval Ramos: "This article presents a resource that can be the difference between a successful solution and a project that should be reformed. Very good"

    Richard Mueller: "Good introduction to VS 2015. Good images and explanation…"

    Read the rest here:

    Great job, Carmelo!

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