Monday – Interviews Wiki Ninjas

Hello Wiki community, today is the day Monday interview with Wiki Ninja.

My name is Jefferson Castilho and today I am pleased to bring all the interviews that were conducted.

As everyone knows, always bring news about new interviews with featured members within the TechNet Wiki. As a form of recognition for members who perform a great job with contributions to the TechNet Wiki.

Following is the list of members who have been interviewed between them have MVP members and featured members of our community.

Want to be interviewed? then publish within the Wii with great contributions that our members can select their name to be part of this team up.


Wiki Ninja Jefferson Castilho ( BlogTwitterWikiPerfil )

Comments (3)

  1. Thank you, Jefferson, for this list!

    This is quite a testimony to the value and longevity of this blog series! I’ve seen these interviews lead to MVP awards, other award nominations, and jobs!

  2. Great ensamble of people 🙂

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