6 Months of Wiki Ninja Blogs

This WIki life post is a bit different.

Here are the number of posts ninjas have posted in roughly the last 6 months. The order of names is significant since I trawled through the posts and added each person as I found a post. Those Ninjas towards the bottom have therefore not posted recently.

If you're not on the list then you didn't post anything in the last 2 quarters.

7 Peter Geelen
32 XAML Guy
8 Tomoaki Yoshizawa
53 Ed Price
6 Carmelo La Monica
15 Durval Ramos
16 Horizon_Net
4 Hezequias Vasconcelos
6 Jaliya Udagedera
1 Saied Hasani
5 Alan Nascimento Carlos
2 Jefferson Castilho
1 Sandro Pereira
3 Andy Oneill
1 Edward van Biljon
1 Magriet Bruggeman
1 Davut Eren
Comments (16)

  1. Thanks Andy!

    Ed 53 posts and XAML Guy 32 posts? Now that’s amazing!

  2. pituach says:

    well done, Thanks Andy!

  3. Andy ONeill says:

    Thanks guys.
    Yes, some interesting implications to those numbers.

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    Very good Andy !!!

    … but it would be interesting to order the results: "Author name" or "Number of posts"…

    …just thoughts!!! Thanks again. =^)

  5. Andy ONeill says:

    I thought about that but the current order is significant in that they are presented in order of last blog.
    I could have added another column for last blog date but I only thought about that after I’d done 3 months worth.
    You can add that when you do yours in 6 months though. ;^)

  6. Thanks for the quote. I’ve been away from the blog because through some personal problems

  7. That’s right! Nobody can beat me!

    I’m invincible!
    I’m the king of the world!
    Who’s your daddy?
    Not me. My kids don’t read this blog.

  8. Andy ONeill says:

    You should award yourself a prize, Ed.

  9. I’m the champion! I win the annual Ed Price Prize!!

  10. Pete Laker says:

    Thanks Andy! And Jaliya. Of course I wouldn’t have so much to blog about if it wasn’t for you lot producing so much tnw goodness to blog about!

  11. Andy ONeill says:

    So what you’re saying (XAML guy) is that we’re ALL FABULOUS,.
    Yay for us !!!

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