Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Rodrigo Romano (MVP Sharepoint)

Hello Wiki Community, today I bring you the Monday interview with a Wiki Ninja.

My name is Jefferson Castilho
and it is my pleasure to introduce


Here are some of his community stats:

  • 12 Wiki articles!
  • 21 Wiki Edits
  • 1 Wiki Comments
  • 190 Forum Answers
  • 594 Forum Replies
  • 4 Gallery Contributions
  • 214 Gallery Item Downloads
  • 2 Translation Wiki


Twitter: @rodrigo_romano

Who are you, where are you, and what you do?

My name is Rodrigo Roman, I am from São Caetano do Sul (ABC Paulista) and I'm a SharePoint developer, at a company called Globant. We always seek the highest level of quality in our projects. We use ALM processes projects (application lifecycle management) in our SharePoint solutions, and use agile methodologies like SCRUM.

What are your favourite technologies?

I specialise in SharePoint Products and Technologies (On-premises and Online / Office 365).

How did you join TechNet Wiki and what was your first collaboration?

I met TechNet Wiki as soon as it was launched, as a platform aimed at greater integration between community professionals with knowledge. It is very common to have the need to seek knowledge and have a centralized location that allows us to find such information, in addition to greater knowledge and share experiences with other market professionals.

In addition to your work on TechNet Wiki, in which other places do you usually contribute?

I focus my contributions on my blog  ( I am very visible in a community, and I created a group on Facebook called SharePointers - . 

This community has over 650 members and there is a really cool integration between SharePoint MVPs, professionals working with technology, Microsoft PFEs, HR professionals who are seeking SharePoint professionals and many others. For those who still do not know, do not waste time, join!

Recently I set up an account on Github use this site to share examples and projects with the community. It is a model that is being widely used in the United States and I am trying to bring this to our local community. I created a specific location for SharePoint where any business is very welcome to contribute:

What are your major projects now?

I'm currently working on some projects for a Chicago company - USA, where do the integration of a legacy system to the "Online Editor" SharePoint Online files. It is a very large and well motivating challenge. Also, I make add-ins for specific business needs, using various JavaScript libraries, eg Knockout.js.

Within the community, I am very focused on generating technical expertise to developers in high technology areas. I made a few articles and even a webcast talking about integrating Azure features with SharePoint Online with ease.

SharePoint is very flexible and rich featured. Professionals like working with technology, as we are savvy and willing to think outside the box. Knowing the range of tools that Microsoft offer, allows us to build solutions that add value to the end customer.

What do you do with TechNet Wiki and how it fits into your work?

The TechNet Wiki for me is a source of knowledge. Generally, the content has great relevance to the community, who use the TechNet Wiki. It fascinates me, the possibility of other people being able to contribute to something you wrote, and make the content more interesting and relevant.

What interests you most in the TechNet Wiki?

As I said earlier, what interests me most is that the content is live. Unlike other tools, for example blog, content is always changing and can always be improved.

Among the articles you contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, what are your favourites?

I have a great affection for the article "Modelos de Provisionamento de Objetos no SharePoint" ( content of this article is very interesting because it represents a paradigm shift for SharePoint professionals.

Who impressed you in the Wiki community and why?

The person who has given me the most help is 

I met him in the forums MSDN / TechNet when we helped solve queries from professionals from all over Brazil. Soon he began to contribute to the TechNet Wiki and stood out immensely. For me it is an example to be followed by people who want to share their knowledge with people from all over Brazil and the world.

Thank you for the contributions and interview Rodrigo.

Até a próxima!

Wiki Ninja Jefferson Castilho ( BlogTwitterWikiPerfil )

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  1. Nice to meet you Rodrigo. Keep up the great work within the community!

  2. Great. I love learning about the Portuguese contributors. And it’s fantastic to have the content from a SharePoint developer!

    Rodrigo, I’m pleased to meet you!

  3. anonymouscommenter says:

    Hello Wiki community, today is the day Monday interview with Wiki Ninja.
    My name is Jefferson Castilho

  4. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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