Wiki Life: Tags 1 – What are the common tags on TechNet Wiki?

What are the standards of those tags?


Should we use "has comment" and "has comments"? Why do we even use those?


Truthfully, we use such seemingly worthless tags in order to crawl and report on stats. It helps us slice the data.

I'm not saying we should all go nuts and add those tags, but they are super helpful. And we do appreciate it when people add them. Especially the language tags. Because those inform the monthly leaderboard that Tomoaki posts about.


This will be a multi-week series.

This week I just want to scratch the surface.

We do have tags and a list of the right tags to use. Here it is:

Wiki: Common Tags


Check it out! And then come back here and comment your thoughts.

Next week we're going to start coming up with some best practices and to get this crystalized a bit.

So please use some of these tags. And if you're making edits, please see if there are any other substantial edits you can make as well. The truth is there are a ton of edits we can make. Check it out here:

Wiki: User Experience Guidelines


Thank you to everyone who's helping us get these edits done, whether tags, updating links, grammar, or adding valuable content!


Jump on in! The Wiki is warm.

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (17)

  1. Excellent post Ed on a useful topic! Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. Andy ONeill says:

    Hey Ed.
    Perhaps it would help by explaining who uses these reports and for what purpose.
    On the face of it one might think that whether an article has a comment or not would be of little interest to anyone.
    Just why is it useful?

  3. Andy, it’s for Microsoft internal purposes to understand the trends as to which articles are getting comments so we can more fully understand Why.

    Is it of value? Yes.

    Should we add them? Yes. So even if some folks disagree with that, we’re going to encourage other folks to add them. We won’t twist anyone’s arms.

    Should you add them to your own articles so that other people don’t make small edits on your articles to add them? Yes. =^)

    But, I would argue that edits that fix grammar, consistency, accuracy, and remove/replace broken links… that’s more valuable.

    So the general recommendation from Microsoft is to add those tags as edits, but to also try to make more substantial edits with those other benefits. That’s where we’re headed.

  4. Because to be honest, we desperately need the other edits too. It’s not like it’s hard to find those needs. Just reading through the UX Guidelines occasionally makes them pop out and very obvious when you see them.

  5. Useful, thank you. I’ll keep it in mind for my future articles, and for my edits too

  6. If a tag is useful, I think it is important to have only one tag for each purpose. Long ago the community decided to standardize many of the common tags on the singular variety. So "Has Comment", but not "Has Comments" (it doesn’t matter how many tags,
    until there are 20 where we have a separate tag). Has "Table", but not "Has Tables". This is because we can easily search for articles with 2 or more tags, but we cannot do an "OR", to find articles with either of 2 tags.

  7. In a similar manner, so time ago I attempted to standardize the tags for Windows Server. For example, we had "Windows Server 2008", "Server 2008", "WS2008", "W2k8", "Win2008", "Windows 2008" and more. This made the tags of no use, no one could filter on
    so many tags. But they all meant the same thing. I tried to standardize on "Windows Server 2008". But then I didn’t know what to do about "Windows Server 2008 R2". Each of the tags had an "R2" version. I never decided if "R2" should be a separate tag, so we
    could search on "Windows Server 2008" and "R2", or if we should double all of our Windows Server tags, with and without "R2". There are other examples in other technology areas.

  8. Richard, I think you’re hitting on the next topic… Standardizing those tags across the variants. I also like the way you’re presenting it as a much bigger story than just "has image" versus "has images".


  9. Durval Ramos says:

    Great Ed!!!

    The "Wiki: User Experience Guidelines" is very useful… I recommend "always" to use:

  10. Thanks Danish and Durval! I love the shortened link from PG!

  11. anonymouscommenter says:

    Yes, it’s been over a month since my last Wiki Life!
    This article continues where I left off,

  12. anonymouscommenter says:

    It’s time for me to return to Wiki Life and to the Tags series! This is part 3…

    Wiki Life

  13. anonymouscommenter says:

    This blog post is Part 4 in this series:

    Wiki Life: Tags 1 – What are the common tags on TechNet

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