TNWiki Article Spotlight: Part one: tools for debugging in Visual Studio 2015


With the release of Visual Studio 2015, which occurred in recent days, there are several new features for developers than the version 2013. One of these is support for debugging of our applications, which we will cover in this article. This is the first of a small series of seven mini-articles, where we will explain with text and images all the news, improvements and additions of other instruments to those already existing. Let us first a list of topics that we will cover:

  • Diagnostic Tool
  • Timeline Tool
  • PerfTips
  • New features of BreakPoint
    • Conditional BreakPoint  
    • Hit counts
    • Tracepoints 
  • Debug on lambda Expression
  • UI Debugging tool for XAML
  • Network Tool

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Happy trading to all 🙂

- Carmelo

Comments (5)

  1. Great! I love the focus on VS 2015!

  2. Chervine says:

    I love the new VS2015 features, thanks Carmelo La Monica!

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