Wiki Life – What is happening in Brazil community?

Hello friends of the community!

Welcome to this week's Wiki Life.

In September, in our Brazilcommunity we will have several important events on Microsoft technologies.
That is: in addition to the employees' contributions on Wikis, translations, galleries and more.

The main events are the lectures that you can participate live to know more about the products and market trends.

Special emphasis on three events:

Data Center Management Day is a Microsoft Technical Community event, which aims to present the best practices, products and services related to solutions for Data Center management.

For more information about the event visit: Data Center Management Day 2015

This event will have the presence of Heber Lopes.

He is MVP in SharePoint technology and one of the collaborators of our Microsoft community.

IT the 5th

The IT the 5th is a space that offers free talks and brings together our community every Thursday to watch online lectures on various subjects.

This site receives lectures from several members of the Brazil community.

For more information about the event visit:

The idea of ??supporting, encouraging all members was launched by Thiago Guirotto.

TechEd - Microsoft Insight

This is a major technology event that takes place in Brazil. It involves the whole community in talks on the various Microsoft technologies applied in various business.

For more information about the event visit:

Now, there is only the benefit of the doubt: which option to choose in the event list?

I hope you enjoyed the blog and see you next time, here on the blog or live on the events.

Wiki Ninja Hezekiah Vasconcelos ++.

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  1. Great to see the Brazil community so active!

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