Wiki Life: How do you become a member of the TechNet Wiki Ninja blog?

What blog? Why this one of course! The one you're reading!


And what does it mean to be a member? It means we nag you to get on the blog schedule and post regular blogs:

Blog Authoring Schedule


And how do you become a member?



By being AWESOME!


But since Awesome is hard to measure, here are the requirements:


  1. You must have authored at least 20 Wiki articles and made at least 100 Wiki edits.
  2. You must have left at least 30 Wiki comments (the comments must be on the article page, not in the History tab) and at least 30 blog comments (the 30 comments must be on the Wiki Ninjas blog).
  3. Based on your articles, edits, Wiki comments, and Blog comments, the community must feel comfortable with you, like they know you. This is subjective, but if it's not obvious whether or not the community knows you yet, the Wiki Council members will make this decision. This basically means that if the community is complaining about you, we'll move slowly and cautiously through this process.
  4. You must be interviewed for the "Interview with a Wiki Ninja" blog series. This also helps the community get to know you and what your contributions are. For a list of those who have been interviewed, see Interview with a Wiki Ninja.
  5. You must have a unique value to provide. Usually it means you're working on a larger Wiki project.
  • For example, when Yottun tweeted an awesome chart that listed the progress of each language on TechNet Wiki, that became a reason to beg him to join our blog (to post an updated list each month).
  • When Peter Laker and Ana made TechNet Wiki widgets for Windows 7 & 8, it became crystal clear that we wanted them to blog about their apps (and anything else).
  • Or that Margriet could blog about her fantastic Best Practices (and anything else).
  • Or for Gokan, it was a combination of a strong blog presence (on his own blog), social in comments, and a ton of great articles and edits spanning multiple languages.
  • Or Horizon Net, Yagmoth, and FZB were helping translate a lot of content.
  • For Naomi N, Matthew Yarlett, and others, it has been winning the TechNet Guru contest.
  • Or sometimes it's just a combination of doing a lot of editing/improving in the Wiki plus being social in the comments. That makes us want to know what you have to say (in blog form). What it is for you, only you would know. But you can explore and ask questions until you find out.


To get the latest info, to see more supporting info, and to see the comment discussions, go to the Wiki article:

Wiki Ninjas Blog: How to Become an Author


Special thanks go out to all our Past Bloggers, Present Bloggers, and Future Bloggers!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (16)

  1. We’ve blogged about this before, but not recently. =^)

  2. Great article Ed. I am looking forward to blogging for TechNet when I have met the requirements.

  3. Chervine says:

    Same here! looking forward to blogging too!

  4. Me too….looking forward to this…

  5. John Naguib says:

    Great Article looking forward to join

  6. Great post, i’m looking too to join in. I’ve the requirements from point 1 to 4 (well, point 3 is subjective, though…)…but point 5 is what makes things difficult. With so many great people, it’s really hard to have something unique. TechNet is truly
    a wonderful community!

  7. Saeid Hasani says:

    Awesome is hard to measure, but this post made it clear. It has more than just a unique value to provide! I didn’t know about the TechNet Wiki widgets! Very informative post!

  8. John and Emiliano,

    You guys already met the requirements. Can you add me on Skype? It’s live:edwardnprice


  9. Shanky_621 says:

    I still have 18 but meet all other requirements. I am very busy these days so I dont get time to write but things are smooth now and I would soon come back with loads of good article.

  10. Ed,
    i’ve sent you a skype request. Thank you so much!

  11. That’s great Shanky. Thank you!

  12. sudeep says:

    i wish i could join this..

  13. Great to know. Its really a long journey, I am here since 2006 but its good to know more about the legends. Be there sooner 🙂

  14. Sudeep, you can! The steps are pretty clear.

  15. Gaurav, sounds good. You’re doing great and have some great content already. Keep it up!

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