TNWiki Article Spotlight – Developing a Recommender Solution with Azure Machine Learning

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

Throughout the last weeks I had a lot of articles to share written by Chervine. Today won't be an exception. During the last Azure Bootcamp earlier this year my boss made a demo about Azure Machine Learning which was pretty impressive. Within a matters of minutes I was able to build a simple recommender system available through an API endpoint. Developing a Recommender Solution with Azure Machine Learning goes a similar way. Chervine gives a very short introduction (for beginners: you should read some introductory material from the Azure documentation) and then dives right into building a recommender system. Starting by adding a dataset hew walks through the exclusion of unnecessary columns, how to split the data, adding a score and many other stuff.

If you want to see how easy machine learning is via the Azure ML Studio check out this nice article!

- German Ninja Jan (TwitterBlogProfile)

Comments (7)
  1. Nice article – congrats Chervine!

  2. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great and straightforward article!

  3. Excellent article and easy to understand.

    Congrats Chervine.

    Thanks Jan for sharing.

  4. Chervine says:

    Thanks all for your comments and encouragement!
    @Jan, I also demoed this at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Mauritius. Got lots of good feedback 🙂

  5. Chervine, that’s awesome! Great to demo your article content at events! Big win for the event, for you and your career, and for the article!

    Thanks, Chervine!

  6. Chervine says:

    That’s the bonus of working in IT, we not only get to build solutions that makes the life of people easier, but also get to share knowledge with and meet like minded people. That’s super cool 🙂

  7. John Naguib says:

    Nice work, thanks

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