Interview with a Wiki Ninja, Author, Speaker, and C# Expert: Pooja Baraskar

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This week we're interviewing Pooja Baraskar!

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Pooja has contributed 8 Wiki articles and is an author, speaker, and developer! Here's an example article:

Silver Award Winner


Pooja Baraskar Conditional Compilation in Windows Universal Apps Carmelo La Monica: "Great article, the conditional compile is very useful expecially in Universal App. Congratulation for your article." 
JH: "Conditional compilation becomes more important in UWAs. This article shows a simple example how you can work with it."

Some classics:

Localization in Windows Universal Apps

Azure: Creating Virtual Machines

winRT apps: Implementing Screen Reading


Let's begin the interview!


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hello everyone, my name is Pooja Baraskar, I am from Betul, a small town in India. I work with a startup called Geek Monkey Studios which is more towards innovations. I love to work with C#, I develop Windows apps and Games using that. I am currently more focused on Internet of Things also I am winner of Microsoft IoT competition and got awarded at Azure Conference Pune. Creating devices with Intel boards and accessing it via Azure is something that excites me. I am also an Intel Software Innovator from IoT and Realsense side. You can know more about me from my personal blog.


What are your big projects right now?

I am working on a IoT based product. My goal for now is to take that into market also we have integrated Intel Realsense 3D camera with Intel Galileo Board, with that and implementing the “I” part with Azure and Windows UAP we can do a lot more amazing things. Working on Internet of Things is like turning your imaginations into reality. It gives you wings and power to do anything, to make a big change in this world. I am also working on a book on Internet of Things and on Technet Wiki a lot more to come from my side on this.


What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

Technet wiki is for everyone who wants to learn whether he is a student or an expert, every time you will find something new and useful to you. It is a place to share and learn. People who really love Microsoft technologies are here.

What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

This is the most trusted source on Microsoft Technologies. I learn from the great people here. It helps me to keep my knowledge updated. I write on things in which I am good and experts here help me to get better on that. Sometime my article here acts as a repository to me, there are things that I did in past and do not remember, those times I refer to them. The best feature I like is experts update my articles and corrects my mistakes.


What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

My favorite article wrote by me is my first article on Technet. It is on Localization in Windows RT. For this I got my first award on Technet Wiki and also some valuable feedback, which motivated me to contribute more. I will soon update it or write another version based on Windows UAP.

Localization in Windows Universal Apps


What could we do differently on TechNet Wiki?

You guys are doing a great job, big thanks for that. There are some authors like Carmelo La Monica  who are writing well on Internet of Things. IoT is an emerging Technology and there are very less resources on it. I think we should promote and motivate more authors so that we can create a vast repository which people can refer to. Also I see articles written on IoT falls under Miscellaneous Category. It will be so good if we can create a specific category for that, this will encourage people to write more on Windows IoT and IoT with Azure.


Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why? 

I am impressed by everyone here. People give their valuable time and share their knowledge to build an awesome community. There is something to learn from every articles, no matters if it is big or small. They are always useful.


Do you have any tips for new Wiki authors? 

For the new authors, I suggest to keep contributing. Follow the general Technet wiki guidelines. It is always good to attach some working codes so that the learners can play around. Do not worry about the mistakes, the community is here to guide you. With their suggestions you will improvise day by day. Take each and every comment positively and work on yourself. Love the community and the community will love you.   



Please join me in thanking Pooja for all her community contributions!

   - Ninja Ed

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  5. Thanks everyone, I am glad to be a part of such a awesome community.

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    Congrats Pooja.. Good one..

  9. Thanks everyone, for jumping on and helping me thanks Pooja for her contributions!

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