TechNet Wiki Platform Update 1: The Wiki is changing!!!

In a few weeks, the current plan is for the Wiki platform to change.

You could probably tell that it takes a few clicks to get a new article created or an edit made. The platform has been difficult to maintain. 

Our TechNet team is updating the platform! We should see many performance improvements. 

We'll also see a few new features. But we won't have feature parity in a few areas. That might mean a few missing things (like leaderboards, code formatting editor, or a few feeds) or the system might not work quite as efficiently (like the History tab). But we're working to get that parity in place. 

We think these will be minor hiccups and worth all the performance improvements. It's a necessary transition, as the current platform can't be maintained and updated properly (thus the performance issues), and we need to be able to fix bugs, add features, and more easily update featured articles.

We'll update you with progress here and offer transparency into what parity we're missing, what parity gets added back in, what performance issues are fixed, and what new features get lit up.

Thank you for your help and your patience! 

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (11)

  1. Luigi Bruno says:

    Thanks Ed. Waiting for the new platform up and running.

  2. Thanks Ed and the team. I’m really looking forward to see the new platform!! It’s a big news for me that the performance of the site is improved. But I must be careful about the change of the site format, because I don’t know whether my script to collect
    information about wiki site will work or not.

  3. That’s great to hear. Thank you Ed!

  4. Thanks Ed for sharing. Waiting for new platform to use.

  5. Looking forward to seeing the new changes and performance improvements!

  6. Chervine says:

    Finally! That’s great. Go TechNet Wiki!

  7. Andy ONeill says:

    Say goodbye to 20 attempts at saving an article, bye by "snap… you have entirely lost your changes". Goodbye break tag bug.
    Wipe a tear from your eye and wave.

  8. Andy, exactly! That’s the goal. It will be a little bumpy (missing some parity thingies), but a necessary move, and we’ll hammer out the issues!


  9. Tomoaki, yes. I’m hoping as well. We have a few scripts that crawl the Wiki.

  10. You’re welcome, Luigi, Tomoaki, Emiliano, and Danish! And special thanks to the MSDN/TechNet team for listening to our requests!

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