Friday – TNWiki International Update: Top 5 Recent Spanish Contributors

Welcome to Friday - International Update!


Looking at our last update from Tomoaki (we should have a new one next week)...

Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (June 2015)


Who has been contributing in some of our top languages? What about Spanish?

Let's take a look at some recent top contributors!


1.  - 191 Wiki Articles, 316 Edits

Example: Federación con Skype: Problemas con las llamadas de Voz y la Federación (es-ES)

sbuitrago's avatar


2.  - 22 Wiki Articles, 57 Edits

Example: Windows Server 2012. Virtualización con los Controlador de Dominio (es-ES)

Normannp's avatar


3.  - 5 Wiki Articles, 12 Edits

Example: Como especificar el fill factor en un índice (es-ES)

John Bocachica's avatar


4.  (MVP)  - 4 Wiki Articles, 28 Edits

Example: Cómo Crear Planes de Mantenimiento en SQL Server 2008 (es-ES)

 Roberto Pozo's avatar


5.  (MVP) - 1 Wiki Article, 4 Edits

Example: Remover encabezados HTTP de ASP.NET (X-AspNet-Version, X-AspNetMvc-Version, X-Powered-By)

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Thank you to the Spanish community for contributing 770 total articles!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (3)

  1. Wow! Congratulations Team TNWiki Spanish.

  2. Thanks Hezequias! And special thanks to all our Spanish contributors! You’ve helped us build up Spanish to a solid #4!!!

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