Sunday Surprise: Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Who we haven't interviewed yet!!!

First, read this: Interview with a Wiki Ninja


There are a TON of amazing Wiki authors who we haven't interviewed yet!

What? We haven't interviewed these people yet? 




I mean, these people are amazing! They need interviews! And they need interviews now!!!

Don't know what I'm talking about? Remember when I said to read this... Interview with a Wiki Ninja? Do you remember? It was like just 14 seconds ago. Well did you read it? Didja didja?

Now you read it? Good. Now you know what I'm talking/writing about...

Well, this travesty ends now! Good people need their interviews! We must solve this problem together!!!


The following people need to email me (edprice at Microsoft) and make sure "Interview with a Wiki Ninja" is in your email title (or I might never find it amidst the swamp storm of email). 


1. Arleta Wanat 

Arleta has been a mega contributor on TechNet Wiki with 50 articles and almost 600 edits! Here's an example:

Guru Award  Windows PowerShell Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Arleta Wanat Working with multiple items using Powershell Chen V: "Awesome Article, thanks for sharing the module Arleta Wanat! " 
Ed Price: "Great scenario and amazing depth! Love the Downloads section!" 
Richard Mueller: "Good images explaining your work."

Arleta has also been a fantastic contributor in Polish:

SharePoint i historia wersji z perspektywy Powershell'a (pl-PL)


2. Inderjeet Singh Jaggi

Inderjeet has been with us for quite awhile, he has 44 Wiki articles, and he's an MVP! Why haven't we interviewed him??? Why? WHYYYY????

Here's a recent example:

Hybrid Delve and Search are coming to SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint 2013 




And then these people haven't been interviewed yet, but we're in the process of interviewing them:

1. Santhosh Sivarajan

327 Wiki articles and an MVP??? This is amazing!

Here's a recent example:

Microsoft Azure Service Portal Details

Here's another classic:

Windows Server management - Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands


2. Danish Islam

Danish has had a fantastic impact on TechNet Wiki with 16 articles!

Here's a recent example:

Silver Award Winner


Danish Islam Ribbon missing on SharePoint List or Library page Hezequias Vasconcelos: "Great article on the issue of Ribbon in SharePoint lists." 
Ed Price: "Short and sweet. Great resource links! Great explanation of the solution! Great formatting on the code!" 

Here's a classic:

After installing SharePoint 2013 Service Pack 1 or higher update Workflow service stops working



3. .paul. _

Other than being noteworthy for his unique name, Paul has contributed 20 innovative articles to TechNet Wiki! His specialty are tutorial-like samples! It's fantastic to have a diverse plethora of article types to meet all the different learning needs!

Here's a recent example:

Bronze Award Winner


.paul. Decimal Places / Significant Figures Richard Mueller: "Good introduction to methods to display numeric values."

More classics:

Maths Revision V1.0

Multi-page DGV Printing


4. Pooja Baraskar

Pooja has contributed 8 articles and is an author, speaker, and developer! Here's an example article:

Silver Award Winner


Pooja Baraskar Conditional Compilation in Windows Universal Apps Carmelo La Monica: "Great article, the conditional compile is very useful expecially in Universal App. Congratulation for your article." 
JH: "Conditional compilation becomes more important in UWAs. This article shows a simple example how you can work with it."

Some classics:

Localization in Windows Universal Apps

Azure: Creating Virtual Machines

winRT apps: Implementing Screen Reading


5. Ken Cenerelli

Ken is an MVP who has hit TechNet Wiki with a bang! Let's try that again...


He has 5 quality articles and a whole lot of momentum. Here are some recent examples:

Gold Award Winner


Ken Cenerelli Wiki: How to Subscribe to the Wiki Ninjas Blog through RSS in Outlook 2013 Ed Price: "Very cool. I love it! Great plug for the blog! And the truth is that this is incredibly useful to have written up like this." 
Richard Mueller: "I liked this a lot. Well explained, and this could be useful."


Bronze Award Winner


Ken Cenerelli How to enable line numbers for C# in Visual Studio 2013 Carmelo La Monica: "Great content, thanks for sharing"



And if anyone else has had a big impact on the Wiki like these folks, you can also request an interview.


Please note that we do one interview a week, and we'll publish them first come, so yours might be a few weeks out, but if it gets really backlogged, we'll double up a few weeks.


Thanks in advance! 

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (17)

  1. Saeid Hasani says:

    Interviews are so helpful for increasing the community collaboration.
    Thanks Ed and waiting for new interviews! 🙂

  2. Hey Ed – Thanks for putting this post together. I too am looking forward to reading the other interviews.

  3. You’re welcome, Saeid!

    Sorry, Ken, I realized we were getting behind. =^)

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    Ed, I have more 3 names… Certainly exist others, but I remember quickly these good members:

    – Sergey vdovin ( );
    – Visakh16 ( );
    – Emiliano Musso ( );

  5. It turns out I already interviewed Emiliano. I just need to add him to the list!

  6. Okay. It looks like three people were missing… Geetanjali, Emiliano, and I also just added .paul:

    The blog posts weren’t given the tag, so they didn’t show up. But it’s fixed now.

  7. Durval –

    Sergey and Visakh are excellent candidates! Let’s keep them in mind for the future. I have to catch up with those I invited first.


  8. You’re welcome, John!

    Also, we should interview Mohammad:

    So we should invite them along with Sergey and Visakh, after I get through the current round. Thanks!

  9. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’ve been doing a little digging and inviting folks for interviews, and I’m getting close with

  10. Sergey says:

    Durval,Ed thanks for this promotion.

  11. By the way, you’re welcome Sergey! It’s our pleasure!

  12. anonymouscommenter says:

    Okay, we mostly exhausted the last round of interviewees. It’s time to pick some new people to interview

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