The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (June 2015)

All the votes are in! 


And below are the results for the TechNet Guru Awards, June 2015 !!!!


The TechNet Guru Awards celebrate the technical articles on TechNet, contributed from valued wiki authors like YOU!

Each month, the contributions are scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts), and the winners of each category are showered with love and attention from all corners of TechNet.

See the links at the bottom, to find out more about the competition and how to enter.


We have picked the top three highest scored contributions for each category to bestow our awards upon.

The awards are in gold, silver and bronze, the gold obviously being the top winner of the category.

The last column is just a few of the comments judges made during the judging process.

In some cases, we have not obtained permission to use the judges names, so they have been reduced to initials.


My fellow wiki ninjas will be digging deeper into some of these articles in this blog series, so watch out for those.

Starting this month you will notice some articles are marked as failing to meet our minimum bar for quality or content.

Any of our judges can exercise their right to veto an article, if they do not feel it meets minimum requirements for a medal.  

When this is the case, we will at least give an indication of the reason, so you understand why.


A big thank you also to the other authors who did not make the top three of each category.

Some articles only just missed out, so we may be returning to discuss those too, in future blogs.

Guru Award  BizTalk Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Kjetil Tonstad BizTalk Application Management Checklists Sandro Pereira: "Excellent checklist Kjetil Tonstad, very important to have this kind of documentation"
JS: "Great! Always good to show our Admins some love."
LG: "There are a lot of check-list for BizTalk life cycle management: development, operations, etc. Several checks are not important. So it is on the verge of "Fails""

Silver Award Winner


Steef-Jan Wiggers BizTalk De-batching Options LG: "It compounds and explains very-well all details. It is the most usefull in everyday development article from three on this list."
Sandro Pereira: "Nice roll-up Steef-Jan, this is an article that deserves to be mentioned and consumed if you are attempting to perform debatching in BizTalk Server."
JS: "Excellent summary."

Bronze Award Winner


Kjetil Tonstad Automatic MSDTC Setup for BizTalk Server Sandro Pereira: "Difficult to choose this month, but I love PowerShell and be able to automate certain task and MSDTC is very important… simple article (simple is also good) but great job."
LG: "First my thought was "Fails Content bar" option for 3-4 lines of code. But this code is very hard to find."
JS: "Very helpful. Recommend explaining the script steps in the article."
Guru Award  Forefront Identity Manager Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Giriraj Singh FIM 2010 R2: SSPR-OTP User pre-register using OOTB PG: "Nice, quick and easy solution"
Søren Granfeldt: "Very nice. A little more text and explanation would be nice, though..."


Guru Award  Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Mohit Kumar Gupta Hello World -Azure Logic Apps-Basic Transformation JH: "I love this article since I found it for one of my last Article Spotlights."
AS: "Good article!"

Silver Award Winner


Steef-Jan Wiggers Microsoft Azure: Building a Logic App AS: "Very good reading! Thanks for contributing!"
JH: "A good one and a nice addition to the one from Mohit Kumar Gupta."

Bronze Award Winner


Sriram Sundaresan Overview of Microsoft Azure Search AS: "Good article! Thank you for the contribution"
JH: "Good overview about Azure Search. I'm missing some samples in this one (or references to samples)."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:


Guru Award  Miscellaneous Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Carmelo La Monica Developed With Arduino Due Alan Carlos: "Very useful article! I love arduino!"
Richard Mueller: "Great images help this article. We need more explanation and links to other sources."
Ed Price: "Very good. Great use of TOC. Love the Introduction bullets with a clear roadmap of the article! This article doesn't really highlight any Microsoft technologies, but it ends by explaining that the next article will build on it, with Azure development and Mobile Services."

Silver Award Winner


Emiliano Musso Localize Website/Webapp with JS/JQuery and XML Richard Mueller: "This is a great idea with wide applicability. We need links to other sources."
Ed Price: "Great presentation on this article! Full TOC, robust introduction, and great code formatting! Love having the Source Code!"

Bronze Award Winner


Yagmoth555 Internet Explorer: Make it work with old certificate Ed Price: "Fantastic! This issue comes up a lot! It could benefit from link lists at the end (See Also and Other Resources)."
Richard Mueller: "Basic problem explained and resolved."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Exchange 2013 Logging - Clear out the log files by Ed (DareDevil57)
    Richard Mueller: "Good explanation. This could use a Table of Contents and lines to other sources."
    Ed Price: "Good use of images and very thorough. Great to have the script in TechNet Gallery! It would benefit from a TOC and link sections at the end, like See Also and Other Resources. Great article!"
  • ALM & EPM - Integrando TFS e Project Server e extraindo o melhor dos mundos by Guilherme Silva Cardoso
    Alan Carlos: "Great article about an integration the TFS and MPS! Excellent!"
    Ed Price: "Great breakdown of sections with thorough descriptions! Great use of images, and a good References section! It could benefit from a TOC and a See Also section. "
    Richard Mueller: "Not in English."
  • Hyper-V cannot be installed: A hypervisor is already running by Jefferson Castilho
    Ed Price: "Great layout, good descriptions, glad it has a TOC, and good use of images. This is also a valuable content gap to fill! Could benefit from an English grammar pass and a See Also section. Good job on this!"
    Richard Mueller: "Grammer needs work."
  • Overview of Chef for Microsoft Engineers by Sriram Sundaresan
    Richard Mueller: "This article could use a Table of Contents and links to other sources. Grammar needs work."
    Ed Price: "Great topic! I love the use of tables to visually explain information! In addition to the notes for improvement from Richard, it could also benefit from some code formatting (like in a code box with some color)."


Guru Award  SharePoint 2010 / 2013 Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


John Naguib IIS Log parsing for SharePoint KB: "Interesting and very detailed, thank you!"
TN: "Great tip for troubleshooting SharePoint"
Ed Price: "Great solution, great details, and helpful images! Could benefit from a See Also section. Great to have the References section!" 

Silver Award Winner


Danish Islam Ribbon missing on SharePoint List or Library page Hezequias Vasconcelos: "Great article on the issue of Ribbon in SharePoint lists."
Ed Price: "Short and sweet. Great resource links! Great explanation of the solution! Great formatting on the code! It could benefit from a TOC."
KB: "Good find!"

Bronze Award Winner


Geetanjali Arora SharePoint Online : Using App Only Policy to create site collection in SharePoint Online KB: "Although a lot of info can be found on the net around App Only Apps, I like the details and the screenshots very much! Very explanatory!"
Ed Price: "Incredibly detailed. I love this article! It starts with a ton of detail and context across three sections! The images clearly take you through the process. The sections at the end are great for all the different resource types (References, See Also, Gallery). "
Hezequias Vasconcelos: "A major concern of the corporate environment is safety. This article exemplifies the question of security in Microsoft solutions." 

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:


Guru Award  Small Basic Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


CodingCat Find - Small Basic's Search Feature and its Importance to New Coders Michiel Van Hoorn: "This is sooo practical"
Ed Price: "I love it. This is a core feature, and this article really digs deep on the value and purpose. Incredibly useful!"

Silver Award Winner


Nonki Takahashi Small Basic: Turtle Ed Price: "This is an amazing one-stop shop article about the Turtle! You get everything here from info about the object, known issues, links to supporting articles, and more!"
Michiel Van Hoorn: "Good primer on Turle. Great help to start working with object travelling around. "

Bronze Award Winner


CodingCat A Sandbox file object - Small Basic - Safe file operations for Seamless Sharing Ed Price: "Great insight and discussion on the merits of how useful a Sandbox object would be in Small Basic."

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • Small Basic: Operator by Nonki Takahashi
    Ed Price: "Great! Very valuable to explain the basics of the different Operators!"
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Basic's are important"
  • Small Basic: Literal by Nonki Takahashi
    Ed Price: "Another great basics article! This one explains the different Literal types in depth."
    Michiel Van Hoorn: "Great article, advance feature"


Guru Award  SQL BI and Power BI Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Ricardo Lacerda Power BI - Changing Data Culture with Microsoft Datazen Ed Price: "This is a hot topic! I love the diagrams, the visualizations in all the images, and the table is excellent. I only see four No's! The links at the end are helpful!"
PT: "Good intro to DataZen that provides a high-level overview of architecture and initial steps to get started. Would be good to see this article filled-out some more as a lot of this is screen-shot images copied & pasted from the product documentation."

Silver Award Winner


RichardLees SSAS Troubleshooting: less data in cube than in fact table PT: "Good, simple checklist to diagnose problems with incomplete data in SSAS. Could use some examples to demonstrate each of the given scenarios."
Ed Price: "Good degree of depth and good use of the TOC. Could benefit from a See Also section. Great job on this article!"

Bronze Award Winner


Sergey Vdovin SSRS: End-user defined parameters set and cascading hierarchy PT: "Nice technique for a flexible reporting experience. It's helpful to have the RDL text in the article to save a file download."
Ed Price: "Great use of images! It could benefit from breaking down the code into explainable sections. And then the full script could be downloaded off of TechNet Gallery (with a link in the Wiki article). Great solution!"

Also worth a mention were the other entries this month:

  • SSAS Dynamic Security by RichardLees
    PT: "Good, brief example of a dynamic security solution."
    Ed Price: "Great explanation and important topic! Could benefit from a See Also section. Great article!"
  • SSRS: Merge data from different datasources into one dataset inside SSRS report by Sergey Vdovin
    Ed Price: "Great information. Could benefit from a TOC and breaking up the code into sections that explain what each part does. Great job!"
    PT: "Very interesting technique for merging dataset queries. It would be nice to understand the limits of this approach in terms of data volume & complexity; and an example using realistic query results such as product names, customers, etc. It's helpful to have the RDL text in the article to save a file download."
  • SSRS: Deduplicating unrelated details data by Sergey Vdovin
    PT: "Good technique for solving this problem in T-SQL. In Reporting Services, it would be easier to use table groups on the header key and FIRST() or LAST() aggregate on the group for numeric values."
    Ed Price: "Another great solution that's short but sweet! It could benefit from more explanations of the code, and a See Also section at the end. Great job! "
  • Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting by Suhas Kudekar
    Ed Price: "This is a well-written article, but the technology is older and not supported anymore. (Which is fine for a client product, but for cloud it means this doesn't exist.)"
  • SQL Server: Troubleshooting aggregations performance by Bharath_RAM
    RB: "Nice tip"
    Ed Price: "Short but still valuable. This is a good solution. But it would be nice to have other solutions listed. For example, you could have examples and steps for tuning or troubleshooting measures. That said, you cover this scenario well. Great job!"


Guru Award  SQL Server General and Database Engine Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Daniel Janik Finding and Extracting deadlock information using Extended Events AM: "Great article! The system health extended event session is the first place to start when troubleshooting."
Durval Ramos: "Great article. Nicely illustrated and formatted code, facilitating the understanding."
UR: "Very good explanation of the process. I'm missing a few more information about DEADLOCKS itself. Why is it important to have a look to these events?"

Silver Award Winner


Anuj Tripathi Demystifying TempDb and recommendations  UR: "Good written article with minor errors / misleading points. A few more details should be given if traceflag recommendations are given! But as conclusion a great article with a good summary."
AM: "Great article! A must read for everybody aspiring to be an dba. "
Durval Ramos: "This article is very well structured, with References and Credits. It helps to understand your conclusion."

Bronze Award Winner


Ronen Ariely Database Engine: Dynamic Data Masking AM: "Good to see an article about the new features coming with SQL Server 2016."
Durval Ramos: "This article is very interesting, but still need to add some information."


Guru Award  System Center Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Darren Joyce Alerting in SCOM on OMS Solution Pack updates Alan Carlos: "Excellent article about OMS! Congratulations!"
Ed Price: "Great use of images. Fantastic formatting on the script! Could benefit with more explanation and breakdown of what the script is doing. Also, would be nice to end with See Also and Other Resources sections. This is a great article! Very clear!"

Silver Award Winner


Vishwanatham sridhar Monitoring Servers Hung state with SCOM 2007/2012 Ed Price: "This is a good solution and topic! It could benefit from code formatting (there's an editor option for code) and could use a breakdown/explanation of each part of the script. Great contribution!"


Guru Award  Transact-SQL Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Saeid Hasani T-SQL: Improve the Performance for LIKE Wildcard by Changing the Collation Richard Mueller: "Interesting issue. Good use of Wiki guidelines, especially the links at the end. Grammar can be improved."
Durval Ramos: "This article is very well structured, with images and T-SQL script, has "See Also" and cross-link to TN Gallery."
Ed Price: "Great topic! I love the Code download on TechNet Gallery and the See Also and Other Resources sections give a lot of other great articles to dig into !"

Silver Award Winner


Ronen Ariely T-SQL: Dynamic Data Masking Ed Price: "Fantastic depth of explanations! Great job on the images, diagrams, and code formatting! "
Richard Mueller: "New concepts that greatly improve data security. Grammar can be improved."
Durval Ramos: "Very good, a complete sample. The content is interesting and has reference to other TNWiki articles. "


Guru Award  Universal Windows Apps Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Andy ONeill Simple ListViewitem Styling JH: "Styling a list view is one of the most common tasks you have to do in XAML. This article shows how you can get this one done."
Carmelo La Monica: "Great content and detailed in all parts. Congrats!"

Silver Award Winner


Pooja Baraskar Conditional Compilation in Windows Universal Apps Carmelo La Monica: "Great article, the conditional compile is very useful expecially in Universal App. Congratulation for your article."
JH: "Conditional compilation becomes more important in UWAs. This article shows a simple example how you can work with it."

Bronze Award Winner


Sumantro Adaptive Trigger for UAP dev JH: "Short and simple, but really helpful."
Carmelo La Monica: "A nice introduction to what will be the future development UAP. Thanks"


Guru Award  Visual Basic Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


tommytwotrain VB.NET: Size and Rotate Images Using Matrix Transforms in GDI+ MR: "Well written article!"
Richard Mueller: "Well explained, lots of interesting code. I would like to see the links collected at the end in an "Other Resources" section."

Silver Award Winner


Emiliano Musso Populate Excel files from Data Source MR: "Very useful article!"
Anthony D. Green: "I love the inclusion of the video!"
Richard Mueller: "Very interesting idea. The grammar needs work."

Bronze Award Winner


.paul. Decimal Places / Significant Figures Richard Mueller: "Good introduction to methods to display numeric values. The entries in a "See Also" should links to Wiki articles. An "Other Resources" section can link to other sources."
Guru Award  Visual C# Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Tom Mohan .NET: Handle Unmanaged Resources Jaliya Udagedara: "Great article explaining one of the most important factors which most of us don’t consider when writing applications. I really enjoyed reading this!"
Carmelo La Monica: "Interesting and comprehensive , explains very well the use of destructors and garbage collector."

Silver Award Winner


Andy ONeill C#: Customise Add New Item Template Carmelo La Monica: "Very interesting , explained in detail , congratulations."
Jaliya Udagedara: "This is interesting! Very detailed step by step article answering the question “How do I make all my new Classes public by default”."

Bronze Award Winner


Ken Cenerelli How to enable line numbers for C# in Visual Studio 2013 Carmelo La Monica: "Great content, thanks for sharing"
Guru Award  Wiki and Portals Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Ken Cenerelli Wiki: How to Subscribe to the Wiki Ninjas Blog through RSS in Outlook 2013 Ed Price: "Very cool. I love it! Great plug for the blog! And the truth is that this is incredibly useful to have written up like this."
Richard Mueller: "I liked this a lot. Well explained, and this could be useful."
Guru Award  Windows PowerShell Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Arleta Wanat Working with multiple items using Powershell Chen V: "Awesome Article, thanks for sharing the module Arleta Wanat! "
Ed Price: "Great scenario and amazing depth! Love the Downloads section!"
Richard Mueller: "Good images explaining your work. I would like to see more references in a "See Also" (related Wiki articles) and "Other Resources" (kb and library articles, blogs, etc)."


Guru Award  Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Andy ONeill MVVM Friendly User Notification Ed Price: "I love this notification solution! The incredible depth in the descriptions really brings a ton of clarity to this article!"
KJ: "Neat stuff. There could be performance implications depending on the element this is applied to. Porbably should mention that."

Silver Award Winner


Magnus (MM8) WPF: Passing a Data Bound Value To a Validation Rule Ed Price: "A great scenario with fantastic code snippets and Additional Resources!"
KJ: "Very handy. I can see how this would be a useful sample for someone."


Guru Award  Windows Server Technical Guru - June 2015  

Gold Award Winner


Jefferson Castilho Hyper-V Mac Address Conflict (Event 16945) Mark Parris: "Nice Hyper-V tidbit."
Philippe Levesque: "Good article and well wrote"
JM: "This is a good article that will benefit from an editorial pass."
Richard Mueller: "A close call in this category. This needs more explanation. Grammar can be improved."

Silver Award Winner


Jefferson Castilho VSwitch Hyper-V “Unidentified network” (Vlan ID) Philippe Levesque: "Excellent article !"
JM: "This is a good article, thanks for your contributions"
Richard Mueller: "A close call in this category. Grammer can be improved."
Mark Parris: "Hyper-V networking nugget."


A huge thank you to EVERYONE who contributed an article to June's competition.

Hopefully we will see you ALL again in July's listings?


If you haven't contributed an article for this month, and you think you can create a more useful, clever and better presented wiki article than the winners above, here's your chance! 😀


Best regards,
Pete Laker

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  1. First off, thanks to Ed, the judges, and Peter for making this happen each month. I know as a writer that I greatly appreciate it.

    Second, congrats to all the winners and honorable mentions.

    Third, so excited to have achieved my first gold medal. Combined with a bronze and a mention it was a good month.

  2. Visakh says:

    Congrats to all winners and contributors!

  3. Congrats to all winners

  4. John Naguib says:

    Thanks alot for reviewers I appreciate it and congratulations to all the winners

  5. Congrats to all winner and contributors 🙂

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    Congrats to all winners, especially Saeid, Pituach, Daniel, Anuj and; the brazilians Ricardo and Jefferson !!!

    Well done guys.

  7. Chervine says:

    Congrats to all winners

  8. Sergey Vdovin says:

    PT: "Good technique for solving this problem in T-SQL. In Reporting Services, it would be easier to use table groups on the header key and FIRST() or LAST() aggregate on the group for numeric values."

    Thank you for the review.

    I think i do not understand something here: You suggest to pass multiplied data to SSRS and handle the multiplication there? It can be a huge performance impact: if you have for one master record 3 details rowsets with 10 rows in each you will get 1000 rows
    to pass from DBMS to SSRS and than process it inside SSRS.

  9. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Richard Mueller, Durval Ramos and Ed Price for your kind feedback and judgment!
    Thanks Pete for sharing!
    Congrats to all!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners, especially the SharePoint category 🙂

  11. Congratulations to all the winners & contributors, special thanks to judges for your time & dedication to go through all the articles.

  12. Andy ONeill says:

    Congratulations all.
    Some great articles there.
    Looking forward to seeing the July articles.

  13. You’re welcome, Saeid and Ken! It’s always a pleasure reading your articles! You both do a fantastic job.

  14. Congrats to all our amazing contributors and awards winners!

    Big congrats go out to our multiple award winners this month…

    Andy ONeill: 3 Guru Awards in Universal Windows Apps, Visual C#, and WPF!

    Ronen Ariely: 2 Guru Awards in T-SQL and SQL Server
    Ken Cenerelli: 2 Guru Awards in Visual C# and Wiki & Portals
    Steef-Jan: 2 Guru Awards in BizTalk and Azure
    Emiliano Musso: 2 Guru Awards in Miscellaneous (JScript) and Visual Basic
    Jefferson Castilho: 2 Guru Awards in Windows Server
    CodingCat: 2 Guru Awards in Small Basic
    Kjetil Tonstad: 2 Guru Awards in BizTalk

    Thank you for all your fantastic contributions!

  15. And one more special thanks. A special thanks go out to all our MVPs who are here to contribute and/or help judge the articles. It’s quite humbling to get all your expertise in this!

    I remembered when the Wiki started out (5 years ago), and we were struggling to get MVPs to help out. Fast forward 5 years and it’s truly humbling to have so many of you involved!

    So special thanks to the MVPs who helped this month (as contributors or judges): Steef-Jan Wiggers, Yagmoth, Emiliano Musso, Ken Cenerelli, Santhosh Sivarajan, Inderjeet Singh Jaggi, Magnus (MM8), Edward van Biljon, Richard Mueller, Sandro Pereira, Soren Granfeldt,
    Alan Carlos, Durval Ramos, Jaliya Udagedara, Chen V, Mark Parris, JH, TN, PT, and a ton more behind the scenes! Thanks to you all!

    Also special thanks to the Microsoft employees involved behind the scenes as well!

  16. Thanks to the Ed Price, Durval Ramos and all judges and contributors! I’m very happy!

    20 Jul 2015 4:59 PM

  17. Congratulations all
    Thank you and happy to take the prize TechNet Guru

  18. Congratulations to all the winners and contributors. Great month 🙂
    Special thanks to all the judges for their valuable time and inputs.

  19. Ricardo, thank you for the great article! What an amazing month for BI articles!

  20. Anonymous says:

    You can find all the TechNet Guru Awards here: The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (June 2015)


  21. Thank you Ed, thanks to the judges, and congrats everyone

  22. Congrats to all winners. Thanks to contributors and judges for your time and effort.

  23. anonymouscommenter says:

    I’m following up my earlier Thursday post: Council Spotlight – Who will be crowned the last TechNet

  24. anonymouscommenter says:

    Olá comunidade Wiki Ninjas.

    Esse é o meu primeiro post do ano, então "desejo à todos um feliz

  25. anonymouscommenter says:

    Olá comunidade Wiki Ninjas.

    Esse é o meu primeiro post do ano, então "desejo à todos um feliz

  26. anonymouscommenter says:

    Olá comunidade Wiki Ninjas.

    Sejam muito bem-vindos a mais uma entrevista da nossa comunidade.

  27. NOTE: We now have a Skype group that is exclusive to Guru Gold Medal Winners! So if you’ve won a gold medal, but aren’t in the Skype group, please notify me on Skype. My Skype name is “live:edwardnprice”


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