TNWiki Article Spotlight: How to build a Logic App!!!

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Microsoft Azure features App Service, which is broken down into a few different app types (API Apps, Logic Apps, Mobile Apps, and Web Apps).

A few weeks back, Jan featured a great article from Mohit: TNWiki Article Spotlight - Azure Logic Apps-Basic Transformation.

Today, we're going to take one step back and get the basics about Logic Apps!


Check out this article from Microsoft Integration MVP, Steef-Jan Wiggers:

Microsoft Azure: Building a Logic App


Check out this amazing overview (it's a fantastic perspective from a Microsoft MVP who's been neck deep in BizTalk and other similar technologies for years) :


You can build integration solutions with BizTalk Server, a server product from Microsoft intended to provide large scale Enterprise Application Integration. The rise of the internet, mobile devices, Software as a Service, Internet of Things the demand for hybrid- and cloud integration becomes apparent. Therefore Microsoft has created services in Azure to provide you capabilities to build such solutions. The Service Bus has the capabilities to build brokered and directmessaging with queues, topics and subscriptions, and relays. Another service, BizTalk Services, was intended to build integration solution to bridge cloud with on premise Line-Of-Business systems. Going forward Microsoft has based on the BizTalk Services and Micro services paradigm build Apps service. 


So please go check out this article and let Steef-Jan know how useful it is!

 Microsoft Azure: Building a Logic App


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   - Ninja Ed

Comments (4)

  1. Congrats Jan. Thanks Ed for sharing. Its truly a good article.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ed. It is a helpful article on a new, important piece of Azure.

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Ed & Steef-Jan Wiggers for sharing!

  4. My pleasure. Super glad to see Steef-Jan tackle this topic!

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