Sunday Surprise – How to help the TechNet Wiki?

Hi TechNet Wiki Community!

My name is Alan Carlos and today I will talk about how you can help the TechNet Wiki!

Many people in the community ask me how they can help in the TechNet Wiki, and I said: - Is very easy, for example:

- Writing articles for TechNet Wiki

You can help TechNet Wiki writing an article about a technology that you know by sharing your knowledge or any tips you gave on the Microsoft Forum (MSDN/TechNet/Community).

See more here:

- Translate articles in other languages

Did you know that can help translating articles in another language? Including asking to translate your article too??

See more here:

- Reporting a SPAM, duplicate articles, pirated, etc.

You can help reporting incidents found in the TechNet Wiki articles.

See more here:  

Get started today helping the TechNet Community!

Thank you everyone!

Alan Carlos
TechNet Wiki Ninja

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  1. Great list! I made the three links active.

    Some other great ways to contribute (these above are the biggest ones, though):

    – Make edits. Even changing typos, grammar, and broken links helps! Also valuable to add TOCs and cross-links and cross-linking sections like See Also and Other Resources (along with adding the actual links in those sections).

    – Encouraging people in the forums who leave great answers… to turn their answers into Wiki articles!

  2. Thanks Alan and good points Ed.

    Some other helpful actions people can take are:
    – Add missing tags to articles
    – Add helpful articles to the corresponding pages on the Portal of Portals sub-pages

  3. i don’t know where to post this but I face a very strange issue most of the times while editing TechNet articles.

    When i click on Save it reloads Edit page and this happens multiple times, then only page is saved. Sometimes page is saved in one attempt only.

    How to resolve this ?

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