Sunday Surprise – Microsoft Curah!

Hello Community!

First of all, congratulations to the American People for their Independence!

My name is Alan Carlos and today I will "speak" about Microsoft Curah!

Curah! is a simple and fun way to help others find great content on the internet. It is a curation service that enables you to share your expertise with others, collecting the sources that are truly helpful, accurate and trustworthy, and adding your own notes and guidance.

Curah! has a very specific purpose: to help people searching on the web by annotating collections of great content that specifically target common user questions. We’ve all been there before, typing in a search query and then hunting and clicking through pages of search results wondering where the good stuff is, what’s reputable, what’s appropriate, what’s current. A Curah! page takes the guesswork out of the process because it has been hand-selected and annotated by experts like you.

And the Microsoft Curah! is moving a new platform soon!!!

This platform will still enable you to share your expertise and guidance and help others find great content on the Internet - and it will provide new capabilities.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to Curah! for the great content and partnership.

Join Microsoft Curah! and help the technical community publishing articles, sharing their knowledge and helping everyone!

Learn more here: Microsoft Curah!

Alan Carlos
TechNet Wiki Ninja

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Comments (3)

  1. Thanks Alan. And yes, happy July 4th to all the American Wiki Ninjas.

  2. Independence! Thanks, Alan!

    Looking forward to the new Curah platform!

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