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Hello Wiki community, today is the day of Monday interview with Wiki Ninja.

It is my pleasure to introduce 


New site :


Some of Renato key statistics:

  • 5 Wiki Articles
  • 34 Wiki Edits
  • 2 Wiki Comments
  • 4 Blog Comments

Some of Michel latest Wiki Articles:

Criando Armazenamento de Arquivos no Microsoft Azure 

Criando File Storage no Microsoft Azure

Special thanks to Jefferson Castilho for conducting the interview in Portuguese:

 Segunda-Feira - Entrevista com a Wiki Ninja - Michel Jatoba

Who are you, where you are and what you do?

My name is Michel Jatoba live in São Paulo. Currently working as a Technical Consultant in a large consultancy in Sao Paulo, FCamara & Consulting partner Microsoft. I work in the area of ??implementation and best practices in Microsoft Office 365 and Azure environments.

What are the technologies of their specialty?

Always acted in the market focused on Infrastructure, the last two years I have been specializing in Cloud returned to IAAS . Today I have a specialty in Office 365 and Microsoft Azure , having the opportunity to participate in large projects as a technical consultant . I am currently focused on projects for Microsoft products :

  • Microsoft Azure;
  • Office 365 e Ambiente Híbrido;
  • EMS(Enterprise Mobility Suíte);
  • Exchange Server;
  • Sharepoint Server;
  • Team Foudation Server;
  • Windows Server;

How did you met TechNet Wiki and what their first collaboration?

I met through the subject of searches on Microsoft Azure.

My first collaboration was an article Copy VHDs between Subscription Microsoft Azure , with this article was awarded bronze medal in WikiNinja of March :

In addition to its work on TechNet Wiki, in which other places you usually contribute?

I have my personal blog ( is reformulated and returned to the technical part of solutions on Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

I am also a contributor to Blog Azure Spaces ( estamos focados em artigos sobre o Azure.

I am also a contributor to the Windows 8 Tips blog ( some articles in various topics aimed at Microsoft products.

What are your major projects now?

I'm currently developing a series of articles and webcast focused on Microsoft Azure.

What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits into your work?

I can extract various information and take each one as a study, and thus acquire more knowledge.

What interests you most in the TechNet Wiki?

The large amount of information that are available to everyone, I think very cool the ease of access to information, corrections articles. All this makes you to help more people with doubts on certain issues.

Among the articles you contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, what are its favorites are?

I will quote two articles:

Copiar VHDs entre Subscription no Microsoft Azure

Protegendo VMs com Azure Backup

Who impressed in the Wiki community and why?

What impresses me and the help of several collaborators interested in helping in their doubts day to day. It just made me want to help also shared my expertise, while maintaining the quality and detail in the affairs.

Thank you for the contributions and Michel interview

Wiki Ninja Jefferson Castilho ( BlogTwitterWikiPerfil )


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  1. Thank you, Michel Jatoba, for your Wiki contributions! I love to see the Azure Portuguese content! That’s fantastic!

  2. Thank you Ed Price and all moderators. I am very happy to contribute increasingly to the community.

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Nice to read about you, Michel Jatoba!
    Thanks Jefferson for the great interview! 🙂

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    Great interview Michel !!!

    You are doing a good job… I hope to continue reading your articles on TNWiki

  5. The pleasure is all mine, I was very grateful for the opportunity.
    thank you Saeid Hasani.

  6. pituach says:

    great to meet you Michel Jatoba 🙂
    Well done!

  7. anonymouscommenter says:

    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

    Meu nome é

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