TechNet Wiki Magazine 11th Edition | Small Basic, C#, Visual Basic, JSON and many more…

Exciting news for the community… finally the 11th edition of TechNet Wiki Magazine (or May 2015 Edition) has just been released, once again, with a major number of new articles!

This edition includes topics such as:

  • TechNet Wiki Ninjas, TechNet Wiki Life and Calling for new TechNet Wiki Ninja Heroes
  • Microsoft Azure
  • BizTalk Server
  • Dynamic CRM and Silverlight
  • SharePoint
  • SQL, SSIS, BI and PowerBI
  • System Center, PowerShell and Exchange
  • Small Basic, C#, Visual Basic and JSON
  • Windows Server and Windows Phone
  • And many many more…

In an amazing total of ~100 new articles!!

To be the spotlight article in the cover of this edition, I choosed “How to educate your users to regularly restart their Windows PCs” from Mr X.

Stay tuned for next editions! The magazine will get better and better because soon our next releases will be published with new content.

You can find the TechNet Wiki Magazine in Flipboard in your favorite device from Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Windows 8, and so on… or simply through the Internet browser at:


BizTalk Wiki Ninja Sandro Pereira (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile

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  1. Durval Ramos says:

    This is another excellent "TNWiki Magazine" publication !!!

    Great job Sandro.

  2. Thank you, Sandro, for a great new edition!

    And special thanks to Mr X and all those who contributed the great articles!

  3. Great job on this Sandro! Excited to have an article in the latest edition.

  4. Chervine says:

    Thanks for gathering all these articles Sandro!

  5. Thank you for this magazine..

  6. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great job!
    Thanks Sandro & Craig!

  7. Thank you Sandro!

  8. Thanks for this magazine that I discover.

  9. John Naguib says:

    Thanks alot very nice

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