Wiki Life – Clearing the white space in an article

Hello Everyone.

Today we will be talking about white space in articles and the edits that have been taking place over the last few weeks.

In many articles posted and this is from different browsers, there are these blank sections either after a picture, a word or at the end of the post. Once the article is published all these gaps (known as white space) show.

The articles that have been edited have raised some concern because people think there hard work is being undone.

Please note that it is not. Your article is getting a valet! No changes are being made to it other than all the white space being removed. 

As many many more articles will be created each day, so they will be cleaned up which again is not to mess up your hard work and the hours you have spent on the article but to make it "spotless".

I hope that this answers many concerns. 

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  1. Thank for publishing the article Ed!..Thank you Melick 🙂

  2. Pete Laker says:

    The Wiki needs us all to help keep it tidy. I’m not opposed to such work, quite the opposite. If we all do a little tweaking as we pass through it’s hallowed halls then all the better. JUST SAY NO TO WHITESPACE! ;D

  3. Also, it’s important to note that the current Wiki platform doesn’t show white space improvements, and so it comes across looking like no change is made (or perhaps a bad change is made, like spelling being undone or grammar being incorrectly changed).
    We’ll make sure we clarify the White Space changes in the Edit’s comments.

    This is a limit of the current platform.

    Thanks DareDevil!

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thank you to Ed (DareDevil57) for helping with the white space edits!
    Thanks Ed for helpful comment!

  5. pituach says:

    Thanks Ed,

    * it is important to understand that any HTML editor online actually based on the browser abilities. I remember the days that I developed editor from scratch. It is really easy and basically it is just simple javascript. Today we have the option to use HTML5,
    which make our life even easier.

    The HTML result came from the browser and not from our application!!
    Therefore, we get these problems, where different browsers returns different codes. the basic idea is using the properties designMode and contentEditable. You can create a simple HTML page with this code, which is the most basic and shorter HTML editor code
    (yep one line of code, but this is not well coded):

    You can edit this text 🙂

    Next step is to develop the control’s buttons

    * A well designed application take these into consideration and convert the result that came from the browser in order to make it the same from all browsers. There is no 100% success in this since there are lots of browsers, and their behaviour changing in
    time (versions).

  6. Melick says:

    Good One Ed, I have bean notice some brilliant articles looks not good looking only because of white spaces.

  7. pituach says:

    Ops, the code did not posted 🙁

    the sentence "You can edit this text :-)" was part of the code (this is the content of the HTML page) and than you use simple script (one line) with this code:
    document.designMode = "on"

  8. Just I think we can not keep changing all the tags just to get recognition on the Articles of the other members.
    If thinking of a community have to be corrected as your articles Tags / language errors. The same Tags can not be changed admit they are in post.
    thank you

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