Sunday – Surprise: The new "Featured Articles"

We are beginning a new period for TechNet Wiki Featured Articles and you may have the honor of being selected as author to one of our four articles.

The 4 Featured Articles in one of the World's Largest Technology Platforms, the TechNet Wiki.



Your article will have 2 opportunities to be selected for our new English Featured Article Team.

Every month we will be selecting 4 articles:

- 2 Nominated and;

- 2 TechNet Guru winners;


Here follows some tips for you to doing the below will significantly increase your possibilities of making your article an inspiration to the TechNet and MSDN Communities.

- It gets Nominated by anyone (including you), but see some qualities to you should look for when "Nominating an Article":

  1. It's pretty awesome;
  2. It's in depth and incredibly useful;
  3. It has a lot of collaboration edits to show that the community has adopted it together;
  4. Or it has a lot of comments to show that the community has accepted it as valuable content;

- Winning the TechNet Guru Awards. See some qualities to help you win the TechNet Guru and selected by our team:

  1. Using Best Practices as defined by "User Experience Guidelines" article;
  2. Follow the "Principle of Invisibility";
  3. And, mainly about "How to Contribute Content to TechNet Wiki" article;


Now, feel free to nominate your article (and others) to improve your "visibility" and also his articles to TechNet Guru Awards.

Your first opportunity begins this month, add articles written in May 2015 (in English language) to TechNet Guru Contributions - May 2015.

We will disclose the new "Featured Articles", here on TechNet Wiki Ninjas blog.

You can also visit at aka our Home!!!


See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval

Comments (8)
  1. That’s really awesome! Thank you!

  2. Wow. That’s really good.

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Durval for sharing! 🙂

  4. Thank you to Durval for helping lead this reinvigorated effort on the TechNet Wiki Community Council!

  5. Andy ONeill says:

    Monthly updates,. Great stuff!
    I think a faster turnover on featured articles is a great idea.
    These should increase the likelihood of serendipity.
    The reader navigates to technet wiki looking for something or other or just happens to find it for the first time. There on the front page are 4 chances at great article to showcase the wiki.

    I’m not sure how useful comments are for measuring acceptance… but it’s a great idea.

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Andy !!!

    These are some criteria that the "English Featured Article" Team must evaluate… but each team member can consider one criterion is more important than another one…

    The comments are just a "thermometer" to your article… measuring your popularity… your engagement… about a troubleshooting… It really is not essential to nominate/define a article as TNWiki "Featured Article".

    If you know a great article… either yours or another author’s…

    Please, add to nominate an article for TNWiki "Home":

  7. .paul. _ says:

    Why haven’t i seen this before?

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