Interview with a Wiki Ninja – Yan Grenier: Small Basic and C# Expert, Microsoft Partner, and French Wiki Ninja Blog Author!!!

This interview was originally conducted by Hezequias in French here:
Hello to our Wiki Ninja French and English Community!

Today's interview is with: YAN GRENIER.

He's been a member of the community since 2011.


He is also an author on the Wiki Ninja French blog: Français Wiki Ninjas    
And he's a member of the Small Basic Community Council and an author on the Small Basic blog: Yan Grenier
This is his list of contributions in the community:

Gold medals: 3

Silver medals: 6

Bronze medals: 19

Forum Posts: 263
Forum Answers: 88

Gallery Items: 5

Wiki Articles: 76
Wiki Edits: 324
Wiki Comments: 227

Blog Posts: 3


Here are some of Yan's top articles:
Let's start the interview!

Who are you, where are you, and what you do?

Hello, my name is Yan Grenier, I am responsible for technology (CTO) of two small companies (which I am a partner and co-manager of) found in the beautiful region of Franche-Comté.

What are your specialty technologies?

The essential part of my work is to develop applications in c# / .net, and technologies relating to them, such as Azure, Xamarin (iOS and Android).


How you have been introduced to the TechNet Wiki?

I already knew from my work in C# / .net via the MSDN, but in simple casual reader. This is when I discovered the Small Basic to teach programming to a child, that I discovered that there are no articles in french. I contacted Ed Price to know if I could help.



What was your first collaboration?

I translated into French the essential articles to get started with Small Basic. This work is still ongoing because there are a lot of articles!


In addition to your work on the TechNet Wiki, in which most other places that you contribute usually?

I'm trying to help on the MSDN Forums, and especially I know quite a few people that ask me to aid in programming, so I have two blogs ( and yeg - where I post from time to time articles on concepts or problems that return often or which seem indispensable to know.



What are your major projects now?

To professionally grow our companies. And we have a few projects involving Azure, WindowsPhone, Store Windows, Android and iPhone, as well as for large internal developments for us help in our daily work.

Personally I am trying to rewrite articles of my blogs to put them on the Technet. I must also complete translations of the Small Basic items. Once this work is completed, I will look at the c# development, Azure and other technologies of my everyday to make my small contribution.

And I also work on a project for the Small Basic that could allow two Small Basic to compete on a game programs, for example in the context of the Challenges of monthly Small Basic the challenge to write a program which is a part of naval battle against another program. And thus enable to Exchange on the different possible techniques. But hey it's still ongoing reflection and tests.


What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how it fits into your work?

Now that I know a little better the Technet Wiki, this is one of the first places where I search when I have a technical problem. Now it does only a few weeks that I participate (and mainly on Small Basic) so I'm trying to see how to organize me to propose articles when I solve a particular problem that may be of interest to the community.


What interests you the most in the TechNet Wiki?

It is a knowledge base on full of technologies.


Among the articles that you have contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, these are his favorites are?

I've worked on translations of articles on Small Basic, therefore necessarily already Portal Small Basic.

But otherwise I translated exciting Litdev as Small Basic items: graphics dynamics and Small Basic: the Threading (multi-tasking), or those of Nonki Takahashi, who did most of the articles about Small Basic syntax.


Who impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

First Ed Price, who did a remarkable job with the Wiki community as a whole (and Small Basic in particular), and I thank him for his patience because I asked a lot of silly questions at the beginning. 😉 Then I know very little about the rest of the community other than that of Small Basic. Therefore it is Litdev for his technical skills and for these very specific articles that are always interesting to read. And of course Nonki Takahashi who has done some awesome work on Small Basic content.
This interview was originally conducted by Hezequias in French here:
Please join me in thanking Yan for all his community contributions!
Yan, welcome to the TechNet Wiki French Council and French Wiki Ninjas blogging team!
   - Ninja Ed
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  1. Andy ONeill says:

    Hi Yan.
    Good work.

  2. Nice knowing you, Yan

  3. I also added the links in the blog post to some of Yan’s top articles!

  4. Thanks to all, happy to be here.

  5. This interview is based on the original French interview that Hezequias did with Yan here:

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    Yan, Nice to meet you.

    I hope you motivate more members to know Small Basic on TNWiki

  7. Saeid Hasani says:

    Nice to know about you!
    Thanks Ed! 🙂

  8. Yan’s French blog posts and wiki articles are already getting a great number of views, so it’s pretty exciting!

  9. I was very busy this last weeks. I’ll just discover I win an another medal 🙂 Thanks Ed.

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