Council Spotlight: Help turn Fantastic Forum Answers into Guru Winners!!!

EVERYONE: If you see a forum thread where there are some helpful answers, then you can help the community!

#1 - You can post and encourage the poster/answerer to turn their answer into a Wiki Article and submit it for TechNet Guru! This is especially good if it's a long answer!

#2 - If there are lots of solutions, you can compile them into a new Wiki article and submit it for TechNet Guru. If you do this, please include a Credits section and link to the thread and to the profiles of the contributors. It's also good to post in the thread first and let them know you're doing that, and link to the Wiki article. Offer to remove any sections if contributors don't like the idea, or perhaps they want to write a full Wiki article with their solution. Perhaps your compilation article can even link to their full article (like a snapshot).

Learn more about TechNet Guru here: TechNet Guru Contributions 

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (15)

  1. Saeid Hasani says:

    Virtual Brainstorming from a thread to new article! Really helpful idea!
    Thanks Ed for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thanks Luigi and Alan!

  3. Andy ONeill says:

    My recent encouragement seems to have been taken up by a different author.

  4. Andy ONeill says:

    There are now two articles about equality in the c# section.
    I see that as a bad thing.

  5. Thanks Carmelo and Julio!

  6. Saeid, you’re welcome! Yes, it’s pretty simple, but this is how Peter and I encouraged some people to join in, turn their content into articles, and help hundreds more users!

  7. Andy, that’s awesome! Often, people don’t know about it or think about it when they should.


  8. Andy ONeill says:

    I reckon you need rules.

  9. Julio Iglesias says:

    Great Ed!

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