Article Spotlight: Small Basic 1.1 hits TechNet Wiki! (hits hard, like a thunder storm, or more like a big monster super hero smashing through a wall… or something)

For this Tuesday, you get another bonus featured article! Why? Because...

For the first time in Forever (if we measure Forever as being 3 years, 8 months, and 15 days; here's the last release)...


Small Basic has launched a new version!!!


And being a free tool created by the awesomest people at Microsoft, strung together throughout Microsoft (with the sole thing in common being our awesomeness), for the community to teach the next generation of programmers and basically change the world and take us one more step toward a Star-Trek-like utopia, minus the Klingons and Ferengi...


Small Basic 1.1 is JIGGY with TechNet Wiki!


Getting jiggy with it! Oh! Whoah! Whoah! Getting jiggy with it!


First, Small Basic 1.1 splits the dealio, so that Windows XP users can get a version, and it opens up a lot more download opportunities for all the languages, by pointing the downloads to start with this article:

Download Microsoft Small Basic                                                        


So head there to get your two download options (and two options for each option):

  • Small Basic 1.1 - If you're using Windows 7 / Windows Vista or newer operating systems
  • Small Basic 1.0 - If you're using Windows XP or prior operating systems


Next, we have my return to release notes on TechNet Wiki (I did a bunch of SQL Server and Power Pivot release notes on TNWiki back in the Golden Age)...

Microsoft Small Basic 1.1 Release Notes


You can find the latest version on the Wiki page, but here's a snapshot...


What's New in Microsoft Small Basic 1.1

New Updates

  • NET Framework 4.5 - We upgraded to .NET Framework 4.5 from 3.5 SP1. Although this causes some breaking changes (see below), it's necessary in order to build out new objects that take advantage of new devices, operating systems, and capabilities.
  • Modernized UX: Controls - The design of the program controls (button, scroll bar, arrows on the control bar) in the GraphicsWindow is now flat (modernized). And the window title font is also updated.
In Small Basic 1.0, it looked like this: 
In Small Basic 1.1, the UI has been updated to look like this: 
  • Language Downloads - You can now directly download your language from the Download Center. See the Download Center Page.

Bug Fixes

  • Flickr Object (1.0-17) - Flickr changed their API, which broke the Flickr Object. This has been fixed for Small Basic 1.1.

Breaking Changes

  • Windows XP - Due to the upgrade to .NET Framework 4.5, Small Basic 1.1 does not work on Windows XP and older operating systems. We will continue to offer Small Basic 1.0 for users of Windows XP and older operating systems.
  • 1.0 Extensions - All extensions built for Small Basic 1.0 will need to be recompiled on Small Basic 1.1 and re-released.

Other Changes

  • We're experimenting with modernizing the graphics. Currently it affected the installation wizard, with some temporary modernized logo images. These will be updated again in future releases.


To get the system requirements and installation instructions (and up to date info), please see:

Microsoft Small Basic 1.1 Release Notes


Thank you! And special thanks to the Small Basic Microsoft team (especially Michael for the updates in 1.1) and to the Small Basic Community Council (especially Nonki for testing and write-ups).

Small and Basically yours,

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Thanks Andy and Saeid! We’re pretty excited!

  2. Andy ONeill says:

    Oops. I mean SB. Old habits.

  3. Thanks, Alan!

    I updated the blog post to put spaces around the images. =^)

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks to the Small Basic Microsoft team!
    Thanks Ed and Nonki! 🙂

  5. Andy ONeill says:

    Well that’s the most vb awesomnest awesomeness I’ve seen in a while Ed.
    And it’s free.

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