Interview with a Wiki Ninja: MVP, Windows IT-Pro Expert, and French Ninja – Nicolas Bonnet

Welcome to another installment of our Monday blog series - Interview with a Wiki Ninja.


Today's interview is with  Nicolas Bonnet.

He has been a member of the community since 2010!
Here is his Blog:
His MVP profile: Windows Expert-IT Pro
Let's look at his statistics!
Achievement Awards: 4 silver and 19 bronze!

Total responses on the forums: 318

Contribution on the Gallery: 8

Number of blog posts: 8 (with 21 ratings of 4+ stars!)

Number of Wiki articles: 12
Wiki Edits: 37

Number of translations in the Library: 10
Here are some of his top articles:
Let's get to the interview!
Who are you, where you are and what you do?

I am Nicolas BONNET. I live near Aix en Provence (France). I am a computer consultant for SSII Marseillaise and I'm an MVP Expert in Windows IT Pro. I am working with clients for projects in Active Directory, Server Administration, and the deployment of desktop or mobility projects (Intune).


What are your specialty technologies?

I have expertise in several areas. The server part, my expertise concerning Active Directory (administration, support, migration or upgrade) ,and the administration of the other server roles (print server, file, WSUS,...). I have a second expertise with the deployment of workstations (SCCM and MDT). Finally my last expertise concerns Intune mobility.



How did you learn about TechNet Wiki?

After having written numerous articles on the wiki and be interviewed many times on the forums, someone already present from the TechNet Wiki team put me in contact with Ed Price, who gave me access to the Technet Wiki Ninja blog.



What was your first collaboration on TechNet Wiki?

My first collaboration was writing the blog posts on the TechNet Wiki Ninja FR blog!
In addition to your work on the TechNet Wiki, in which other places do you usually contribute?

I contribute also on the TechNet US forums or I'm acting as the Moderator. I write articles on my blog (

I am on Facebook and twitter (@nico_bonnet). Finally I'm the author of numerous books:

What are your major projects now?

I wish to continue like it's the first time I started! Eventually I want to lead seminars and make training videos.


What do you do with the TechNet Wiki and how does it integrate into your work?

TechNet Wiki allows me to transfer acquired skills. After I face a technical problem with a client, I put the solution I found on TechNet Wiki.


What interests you the most about the TechNet Wiki?

The transfer of skills is the point that keeps me interested in TechNet Wiki.

Among the articles that you have contributed to the TechNet Wiki community, which is your favorite?

The article concerning the problem of IIS with WSUS 3.0 is the one I prefer:

What impressed you about the Wiki community, and why?

Ed Price is someone who impresses me because in addition to his involvement and his huge work in his community, he oversees all of the other communities. He is also available when you need him.

You can also find this interview in French, as originally hosted by Hezequias:
Well, thank you, Nicolas, for the kind words!
The Microsoft community thanks you for your dedication ,and your commitment is crucial for everyone!
I just want to highlight a few of Nicolas' blog posts over on the French Wiki Ninjas blog:


We are sure that your example motivates everyone to be part of this community and join our Wiki Ninjas ranks!


Please continue with the great collaboration!
Everyone, please join me in thanking Nicolas for all his contributions!
   - Ninja Ed
Comments (7)

  1. Andy ONeill says:

    Hi Nicolas, good to put a face to the name. My Franglais isn’t up to reading some of that stuff but the things I can understand are interesting,

  2. Saeid Hasani says:

    Congrats Nicolas!
    Nice to see your interview! 🙂
    Tanks Ed for the great interview!

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    Nicolas, Congrats for good job in French Community !!!

    We hope you can influence even more IT Professionals who speak French language around the world

  4. Hi Nicolas, congratulations and welcome to the team.

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