TechNet Wiki Summit: TNWiki Grows! (2nd Day Presentations)

We are really looking forward for this day. 

Today we will have Presentations from an amazing group of Speakers, Community Leaders, and Experts from different countries!

You will have the opportunity to listen to these high-level IT Professionals, awarded in several categories in our Community! (Such as the TechNet Guru Awards, the Weekly Top Contributor Awards, and the Wiki Ninja Belts.)

MVP's, MSFT's, PFE's, MCT's, ... all are TechNet Wiki members demonstrating excellent solutions about these Microsoft technologies: Azure, Active DirectoryBizTalk Server, DevOpsExchange ServerVisual C#, SQL Server BI (Business Intelligence), SharePoint, Transact-SQL, Windows Phone, and more!

This is an amazing amount of quality information that you can read in TNWiki articles!!!

Of course, all these Technical articles are personalized solutions that have been improved with "Best Practices" on TechNet Wiki.

In the Wiki track, you can learn how to make an attractive technical article to many readers and how to share information on various Social Networks!

We will also understand how our awards systems were born and know our opportunity to get Featured in TechNet Guru and Ninja Belts!



Today we will also have Technical presentations in the Turkish and Brazilian Portuguese languages! We want to thank all our TechNet Wiki contributors all around the world!

See today's schedule below (March, 18th, 2015):


Time Session

"Creating and Querying Microsoft Azure DocumentDB" by Chervine Bhiwoo

Description: Introduction to DocumentDB, Setting up a Microsoft Azure DocumentDB, Querying Microsoft Azure DocumentDB and Demo of Applications using Microsoft Azure DocumentDB.

"Visio with Office 365 SharePoint Online" by Daniel Christian aka Dan Christian

Description: This session combines the TechNet Guru award winning articles related to Visio 2013 and Visio Services on SharePoint Online.


"Visual C#: Working with WCF Data Services" by Jaliya Udagedara

Description: WCF Data Services (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services and codename is “Astoria”) is a platform for what Microsoft calls Data Services.

This is a component of the .NET Framework that enables you to create services that use the OData (Open Data Protocol) to expose and consume data over the web or intranet by using the semantics of Representational State Transfer (REST).

WCF Data Services supports multiple provider models for exposing data as an OData feed.

In this session let’s see how we can implement WCF Data Services with Entity Framework Provider and Reflection Provider in action. I have contributed to TechNet wiki in related to WCF Data Services by writing couple of articles about WCF Data Services.

"Cross-Linking and Making our Articles Discoverable" by Richard Mueller

Description: The growing number of acronyms and terms used in the Wiki reflects the evolving technologies we deal with.

Rather than explain every term and acronym we use, we can link them to a glossary Wiki. In addition, the use of Portals, Table of Contents, See Also sections, and linking all help to make our articles more useful and more discoverable.

The more links to our articles, the page views they get.

"Transact-SQL: The power of INSTEAD OF Triggers" by Ronen Ariely aka Pituach

Description: A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that automatically executes when an event occurs in the database server.

For example on select, update, or others DML and DDL query's execution events.

We can create triggers on table to execute after, before, or INSTEAD of event, but a view can be referenced only by an INSTEAD OF trigger. An "INSTEAD of trigger" is executed instead of the original event, and not combining with it.


"Building a Business Intelligence Solution with Power BI Components" by Paul Turley

Description: Use Business Intelligence tools (Power Query, Power Pivot & Power View) to create a complete solution delivering dashboards, self-service and mobile BI.

We will create a solution using a variety of data sources with the Power BI components that can be used on the desktop by Data Analysts, for group collaboration in on-premises SharePoint and in the Microsoft Cloud with Office 365 and the new Power BI Designer Preview.

"Wiki Ninjas Social Media" by Ronen Ariely aka Pituach, Peter Geelen and Sandro Pereira

Description: Best Practices to sharing excellent articles Social Networks.

"Windows Server: Leading Spaces in Active Directory Names" by Richard Mueller

Description: It should be rare to have leading spaces in AD names. But if you do, the objects are difficult to work with. They are hard to even find. Maybe that is why they were created.

This session describes a Wiki that discusses the issues involved. We describe how the idea for the Wiki arose, how the subject was researched, and the features employed to make the article as useful as possible..


"Small Basic and TechNet" by Nonki Takahashi

Description: Microsoft Small Basic community and TechNet Wiki articles and Gallery uploads

"Exchange Server" by Ugur Demir

Description: Tips and secrets about Exchange Server


"How to Integrate Cortana in a Windows Phone application" by Sara M.G.Silva

Description: In this session, Sara Silva will show the steps to integrate the Cortana in a Windows Phone application and how we can interact with Cortana to call the application.

"TechNet Guru" by Peter Laker aka XAML guy

Description: All informations about this major TechNet / MSDN award.

"BizTalk Server 2013 R2 JSON support and integration with Cloud API's" by Steef-Jan Wiggers

Description: BizTalk Server 2013 introduced a couple of new adapters. One of them was the WCF-WebHttp adapter that offers REST Support.

The WCF-WebHttp adapter gives you the ability to send messages to Restful services or receive messages through an exposed endpoint.

With new BizTalk Server 2013 R2 Json support has been added to enhance the ability to integrate with many (cloud) API's that predominantly use REST and the Json format.

This session will demonstrate the capabilities of the WCF-WebHttp in BizTalk and its value with (cloud) integration.


"Wiki Ninja Belts" by Margriet Bruggeman, Peter Laker aka XAML guy and Ed Price

Description: What's Wiki Ninja Belts and how to participate

"DevOps Desenvolvimento e Operações Juntos!" by Alan Carlos (only Portuguese Language)

Description: Como que os times de Desenvolvimento e Operações podem colaborar entre si e entregarem serviços aos clientes com qualidade e velocidade.


Join now to enjoy these TNWikiSummit15 Presentations and others.

Remember, in order to watch live or to record the Presentations, you must be previously registered !!!

Registration's limited to each Presentation!



See you soon here, at the TNWikiSummit15!

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval

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    Great sessions till now and we still have two sessions left! ūüôā
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  5. Durval, excelente! Parabéns por sua dedicação, admirável meu amigo!

  6. Durval, excelente! Parabéns por sua dedicação, admirável meu amigo!

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