TechNet Wiki Summit Day 1 Presentation: TNWiki Social Synergy

I had some technical snags, but thanks to Ronen, we got it going. I haven't been able to get the tech to come together for a recording (comment below if you recorded this or other sessions, so that we can post them), so I'll just recap the topic...


We have grown TechNet Wiki from 2010 from 80/20... a group that was 80% Microsoft employees writing technical content and 20% community writers. TechNet Wiki is now about a 5/95 split... only 5% is being written by Microsoft employees and the other 95% of the articles are being written and edited by our MVPs, partners, and customers. It's been an amazing journey!

And through that, we now have over 20K articles on TechNet Wiki, with another 2K on the Portuguese version!

Here are the stats:

Main TechNet Wiki: 6,974 users have contributed 20,691 pages, 154,543 revisions, and 87,948 comments.

pt-BR TechNet Wiki: 328 users have contributed 2.353 pages, 10.847 revisions, and 6.584 comments.


And one major way we got there is by synergizing across the social platforms!

  1. The Wiki Ninjas blog (now a family of blogs in English, English MSDN Announcement blog, Portuguese, Turkish, French, and Persian) has championed the Wiki and evangelized it to the Microsoft community, celebrating the top contributors every single day!!!
  2. The TechNet Guru Awards have shown people how to leverage their forum posts and turn the content into Wiki articles!

So a big secret of that success has been Social Synergy!



There are five main categories of Social Synergy for TechNet Wiki...


1. Synergy with Blogs:

Wiki Life: Why should I use TechNet Wiki if I already blog about Microsoft technologies?


2. Synergy with Forums:

Top Five reasons to use MSDN/TechNet Forums & TechNet Wiki together

Wiki Life: Why create a TechNet Wiki article when you can just link to a forum thread?

Synergy in Social Computing by Margriet

Community Win: dsforum2wiki - Help me unlock the mystery of the great content migration from the Windows Server DS forum to TechNet Wiki!!!


3. Synergy with Galleries:

Wiki Life: Should I use the Gallery or TechNet Wiki? 

Wiki Life: TechNet Wiki + MSDN/TechNet Gallery = AMAZING!!!!

TechNet Wiki and TechNet Gallery Synergy - Wiki article by Peter Geelen to track all the articles!

Synergy between the TechNet Wiki and TechNet Gallery

Using TechNet Wiki as Documentation Platform for CodePlex by Yuri 


4. Synergy with YouTube:

  Wiki Life: YouTube + TechNet Wiki


5. Synergy with Social Media:

Impact of WikiNinjas on Twitter by Ana

We are also alive on Facebook with many different languages!\

And on each Wiki article, you can click the Twitter or Facebook button to share them!

Telling the whole story together:

Community Win: Social Synergy across TechNet Forums, TechNet Wiki, TechNet Gallery, TechNet Wiki again, and now TechNet Blogs


I also shared a good example of my profile. Some people have asked, "How have you gotten 386K Recognition Points? Is it because you're a PM and people read your blog?" No! It's 70% Wiki, and 15% each for Forums and Blogs. And for Galler

So thank you to those who made it! We're all looking forward to more great presentations for the next two days of the Wiki Summit!

   - Ninja Ed

Wiki Life: YouTube + TechNet Wiki

Comments (12)

  1. Thanks, Maurice! Yes, hopefully this makes sense as a resource.

  2. Durval, thank you! Yes, I’m very excited for the huge impact of the Brazilian community!

  3. Durval Ramos says:


    Amazing your Presentation!!! I’m very happy with "TechNet Wiki (pt-BR)" stats…

    We are making a big impact in TechNet / MSDN Communities =^)

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    Ana and Yuri,

    The Brazilian Community are very proud of their impact/contributions to "TechNet Wiki" around the world !!!

    Thanks a lot

  5. Durval Ramos says:


    Great job as support in this Summit… Thanks !!!

  6. I had a lot of issues with the sound. I am glad that you posted here Ed thnx

  7. Yes, thanks again to Ronen for helping me come up with a solution!

  8. Saeid, that’s awesome! Tell your wife that Small Basic is great to teach anyone!

    Here is the curriculum, including PowerPoint decks:

    We’ll also have another class option coming soon that’s more of a Level 1 course.

  9. Saeid Hasani says:

    The first day was awesome!
    I was attending in three presentations!
    Ed with TN Synergy rocked! Thanks Ronen for his great support!
    Small Basic with Ed was really interesting! Ed, I told about it to my wife! She is a computer teacher!

    Shanky’s presentation was full of information! Buddy, you really a great MVP!
    Thanks Ed & Durval for your efforts! 🙂

  10. Durval Ramos says:

    Saeid, Thanks so much!!!

    I hope a lot … that all Community members… can take this opportunity to learn and grow even more as IT Professionals

  11. Saeid Hasani says:

    Just 3 hours to start second day! Good luck all speakers!

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