Windows Phone 8: control Nokia Maps (Part 3)

We continue our path on geolocation services, but first let's see at a glance what you have learned in the previous article. It was explained what are placeholders, how to define, create and then superimpose the control NokiaMaps, but starting from the installation of Phone Toolkit, need to be able to make use. Later, with the control pushpin, was defined as display the user's location, and for the signaling of multiple points of interest. Finally, we made a brief overview of what is control UserLocationMarker, also part of Phone Toolkit. In this article, we will see how you can view a route on the map and how to calculate a route, manage privacy policy on the user's location.

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Good reading to all 🙂




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  1. Andy ONeill says:

    Thanks Carmelo.
    Sounds like interesting stuff.

  2. Part 3! Thanks for continuing this series!

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