February 2015 TechNet Guru – It's time to feel some TechNet Wiki "Great Guru Love"! You too can feel loved!

February at TechNet Wiki usually involves a lot of love...


We love to read.

We love to learn.

We love our gurus, for they love to give.


Computer Geek Love Story Stock Photos


We love to make friends and promote great content.

We love to meet the community, and get closer to you.



We love to interview our winners, and bestow much love and honor upon them.

We love to tell the world of your achievements, and we promote those most active to inner circles!


All you have to do is add an article to TechNet Wiki from your own specialist field. Something that fits into one of the categories listed on the submissions page. Copy in your own blog posts, a forum solution, a white paper, or just something you had to solve for your own day's work today.

Drop us some nifty knowledge, or superb snippets, and become MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH!

This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition, where people such as yourselves can truly get noticed!



1) Please copy over your Microsoft technical solutions and revelations to TechNet Wiki.

2) Add a link to it on THIS WIKI COMPETITION PAGE (so we know you've contributed)

3) Every month, we will highlight your contributions, and select a "Guru of the Month" in each technology.

If you win, we will sing your praises in blogs and forums, similar to the weekly contributor awards. Once "on our radar" and making your mark, you will probably be interviewed for your greatness, and maybe eventually even invited into other inner TechNet/MSDN circles!


Winning this award in your favoured technology will help us learn the active members in each community.

Feel free to ask any questions below.

More about TechNet Guru Awards


Thanks in advance!

   Pete Laker

   Ninja Ed

Comments (14)

  1. Saeid Hasani says:

    .*. *. .*. *.
    * *.* *
    *. * .*
    *. .*
    *. .*

    Thanks Pete & Ed!

  2. I think the general message is that if you need some extra love in your life, join us on TechNet Guru! =^)

  3. pituach says:

    great post for the Valentine’s Day 🙂
    * Check this idea: with one microcontroller and several lines of simple code, what you can make for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  4. Great post Ed, thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Saeid Hasani says:

    My comment was a heart symbol!!! BTW, This is really a lovely post!
    ♥ Thanks again ♥

  6. Thanks Saeid, Pituach, Zeca, Durval, and Yahiya!

    Durval, that’s right! The knowledge helps! =^)

  7. Andy ONeill says:

    I think a virtual led heart would lack a certain impact inherent to a 3 foot high board, but sure.
    My Javascript isn’t quite up to flashing hearts.

    I can do xaml though.
    You used to be able to just open up a flat xaml file with ie and it worked.
    Or there’s Silverlight of course…
    Need a site to serve it from though.
    Next year maybe.

  8. Durval Ramos says:

    Great Ed,

    All you need is love… And knowledge too !!!

  9. Andy ONeill says:

    One of my other hobbies is art.
    You can buy thick card which is called mounting card. Intended as the surround for pictures. It’s like 3 mil thick and substantial. Comes in pretty much any colour you can think of and would save you the spray paint. Also quite big.
    So when you make your "I love TechNet Ninjas" heart ( Ed ) you can make a giant one.
    You know you want to ;^)

  10. Pituach, that’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Andy, haahaha!

    Um, can I do it virtually? =^)

  12. yahiya iqbal says:

    great post

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