Progress of the French Community Wiki Ninja

Hello Community - Bonjour communauté en Français.

Welcome Wiki Ninjas.

Want to talk about the progress of the French community.

The main contributions in the French community:


The history of the French community is former.

On this blog of 2013. We talk about the community.

Wednesday - Wiki Life - Community French Wiki Ninja

It's nice to see the progress of the community in the timeline.


If you do not know the Curah visit the page:

The French Curah has five pages in curah. Good number participations contribute in different languages.

This is list of the main contributors of Curah French.

Curah! Webmaster - 20 Curation

Hezequias Vasconcelos - 12 Curation

Pat84 - 10 Curation

Benjamin Guinebertière - 6 Curation

Mikael Krief - 5 Curation

Eric Van Thorre - 3 Curation

Benoît Jester - 3 Curation

Bruno Lewin - 3 Curation

Olivier Dahan - 2 Curation

Fabrice Romelard - 2 Curation

Patrice - 2 Curation

Maxime Richard - 2 Curation

jvenezia - 2 Curation

Yagmott555 - 1 Curation

Azzam ALNIJRES - 1 Curation

JP Gouigoux - 1 Curation

Romain Casteres - 1 Curation

Laurent Gébeau - 1 Curation

Vincent - 1 Curation

Kevin TRELOHAN - 1 Curation

Now is to continue with the good cooperation at the French Curah.


Another known place of the French community's blog Wiki Ninja French.

If you do not know the blog of our community visit:

This is a list of current blog authors French Wiki Ninjas: French Wiki Ninjas Blog: Auteurs

Schedule of publications: French Wiki Ninjas Blog Authoring Schedule

Written on the blog we have 17 posts.

This is the list of authors and contributions:

Nicolas BONNET

Contribution 7 post on the blog Wiki Ninja French

Benoit Jester

Contribution 4 post on the blog Wiki Ninja French

Yagmoth555 - (Philippe Levesque)

Contribution 3 post on the blog Wiki Ninja French

Mr X - (Ahmed Malek)

Contribution 2 post on the blog Wiki Ninja French

Gokan Ozcifci

Contribution 1 post on the blog Wiki Ninja French


Fifth place in the international progress of communities is a good placement.

This is the original post which shows our position in the world.

Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (Dec. 2014)

We have a total of 484 articles written in French language. Great progress fifth position of community.

Great participation of the French community.


We had in 2013 the disclosure of top French taxpayers by Ed Price.

Top 5 French Contributors on TechNet Wiki

Soon we will have the updated list.

The trend will expand the French community and increase this list.


Soon we will bring to our community a new format for this award. Wait for the surprise.

We still don't have a name of the MTFC in 2015.

But we want to see that space filled soon.

The prize is being a success in the French community.

So far this is the list of recent winners MTFC in the community.

Mathieu Deleplanque

Gokan Ozcifci

Jean Philippe Bay

Ramy Ketata

Alexandre Courcelle

Hezequias Vasconcelos

Benoît Jester

Hicham Kadiri

For more information on the program visit the page:

Microsoft Technique Française Contributeur (MTFC) Récompense


Our guide to articles in French has the technologies SQL Server, Project Server, Development, Community, Office 365, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 e Office Web Apps Server.

For more information visit our Wiki page French:

Guide ultime des articles français du Wiki


We have our Facebook page - TechNetWikiNinjasFR

This is another milestone for the French community.

I appreciate the opportunity to write again about the French community.

Congratulations to all French taxpayers and the entire Wiki community International Ninja.

That's all.

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  1. Durval thanks for commenting. I like to talk about the French community and your progress.

  2. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great stats!
    Thanks Hezequias! 🙂

  3. Thanks Saied. It’s nice to see the collaboration of the French team Wiki Ninja.

  4. There are a lot of contributors to Curah in French!

    Thanks, Zeca!

  5. Yes Ed. O lot of contributors to Curah in French é excelente. Thanks for comments.

  6. Thanks for commenting Emiliano. French community is really a great team.

  7. Thank for commenting Nicolas. Good colaboration in French Wiki Ninja.

  8. Durval Ramos says:

    Good job French Community !!!

    Hezequias, Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thank you for sharing. Such a great team, congratulations!

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