TechNet Wiki Ninjas on Facebook: What's Your Language?

Simply pick your language...









And join us! Is your language not listed yet? Let us know and we'll find a leader for your language!


   - Ninja Ed

Comments (10)

  1. Maurice, interesting. What have we done with Dutch? Who’s been writing and translating the most Dutch articles?


  2. Saeid and Andy, well that’s the point! We want to get the languages available! =^)

    Thanks guys!

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    TNWiki Community with 6 languages on Facebook … We are expanding around the world !!!

    Good job

  4. Durval, it’s very exciting! Which language is next? French?

  5. Hmm was hoping for Dutch: TechNetWikiNinjasNL sure could use a great mentor who is hosting such a group.

  6. Andy ONeill says:

    Ummm… my language is there as well.
    English, I suppose Scouse doesn’t quite count. Like.

  7. Yep, looks like French might be next!

  8. Saeid Hasani says:

    My language is in the list! 🙂
    Thanks to Ed, Payman and Ronen!

  9. pituach says:

    Nice to come back now with new list, since we have several more language 🙂

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