Wednesday – Wiki Life – How is the life of a Wiki Ninja in our community?

Welcome Wiki Ninja community!

Today is the day of our Wiki Life.

The Wike Life of a Wiki Ninja is mystical.

 Are we tireless? No.

For a while we let the Wiki community become our family, and that is a good reason.

Yes. We like to be Wiki Ninjas.

We strive to help our community with great dedication and commitment.


If you remember the ninja turtles, this is the master Splinter of our community.

It takes discipline within the community, so the regulations direct you to the right path.

Wiki: Governance and Guidelines Portal


We have various places for you to participate in our community.

These are some of the sites:

TechNet Guru Contributions

Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings

TechNet Wiki: Featured Article Teams


Here are some preferred portals that the community works in:


When you're contributing, you get community recognition.

TechNet Wiki: How to Earn Recognition Points and Achievement Medals

Join the community.

You will enjoy the experience.

Thank you.

Comments (8)

  1. Thanks, Zeca!

    On the topic of joining the community, we also have a clear path for joining leadership:

  2. Margriet thank you so much for commenting on the blog. It’s a nice space to share and understand better the community.

  3. My friend Saied. Thank you very much for commenting in the blog community.

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Nice one!
    Thanks Zeca for sharing!

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