International Spotlight: The TNWiki Summit 2015

The TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 is coming !!!

We're very proud to announce our biggest event to TechNet Wiki.

You’re invited to the TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 ( aka TNWikiSummit15 ) ... absolutely free and online !

The TNWikiSummit15 will take place on March 17-18-19, 2015.

Visit our URL:

We will have sessions which are of interest to all Contributors across in real time sessions about Development, IT Pro and "Wiki Life".

See below for all the Speakers who will attend TNWikiSummit15:

DEV Track

The TNWiki Summit articles about Development, links are listed below. 

 Azure: Jan Hentschel aka Horizon_Net
 Azure: Chervine
 Small Basic: Ed Price
 Small Basic: Nonki Takahashi
 WPF: XAML guy
 Transact-SQL: Ronen Ariely aka Pituach
 Transact-SQL: Saeid Hasani
 Windows Phone/Store: Sara M.G.Silva
 Windows Phone/Store:       Mihai Cosmin aka MCosmin
 Visual C#: Jaliya Udagedara



The TNWiki Summit articles about IT Pro, links are listed below.  

 BizTalk Server: Steef-Jan Wiggers
 FIM: Peter Geelen
 SQL BI: Paul Turley
 Windows Server:                 Richard Mueller
 SharePoint: Matthew Yarlett
 SharePoint: Daniel Christian aka Dan Christian
 SQL Server: Shashank Singh aka Shanky


WIKI Track

The TNWiki Summit articles about the "Wiki Life", links are listed below.  

 Life - Social Synergy: Ed Price
 Life - Best Practices: Peter Geelen
 Wiki Apps: Peter Laker aka XAML guy
 From Forums to Wiki(Templates): Sandro Pereira
 White Papers: Gokan Ozcifci
 Wiki Ninjas Social Media: Ronen Ariely aka Pituach
Peter Geelen and Sandro Pereira
 Life - Best Practices: Matthew Yarlett
 Wiki Portals: Richard Mueller
 User Groups: Craig Lussier
 International Communities: Ed Price
 Wiki Ninja Belts: Margriet Bruggeman, Ed Price and
Peter Laker aka XAML guy
 TechNet Guru: Peter Laker aka XAML guy


The TNWikiSummit15 will include presentations in other languages with best work of International Communities on TechNet Wiki as indicated on Wiki Ninjas Blog posts - Progress in each language in the last 12 months, links are listed below:

Turkish Presentations

 Life - Best Practices:            Hasan DimdikMehmet PARLAKYIGIT
Recep YUKSEL and Ugur Demir
 Active Directory: Hasan Dimdik
 Windows Azure: Mehmet PARLAKYIGIT
 Windows Server: Recep YUKSEL
 Exchange Server: Ugur Demir


Portuguese Presentations

 Life - Best Practices: Alan CarlosDurval Ramos 
and Luciano Lima
 SQL Server: Durval Ramos
 ALM: Alan Carlos
 Windows Server(Security): Luciano Lima


French Presentations

 Life - Best Practices:           Benoit Jester and Gokan Ozcifci
 SharePoint: Benoit Jester
 SharePoint: Gokan Ozcifci

Our goal's to help enhance your IT experience with this opportunity to learn, sharing and have fun with Community members around the world !

Join us for three days of presentations and discussions with MVP's, Microsoft Team members and highlighted members on TechNet and MSDN Communities.

This is a great opportunity to understand how each Speaker produced amazing solutions to different Technologies and learn Best Practices to apply and evolve knowledge on TechNet Wiki.


In the next days and weeks we will publish more news !!!  Remain tuned up on Blog TechNet Wiki Ninjas.

Also follow @tnwikisummit and our FaceBook group.

Use hashtag #TNWikiSummit15 to advertise our event and get more informations about Speakers, Registrations and others.

See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 is coming !!!
    We’re very proud to announce our biggest event to TechNet

  2. Andy ONeill says:

    The timing is a bit unfortunate for me as I’m doing something that particular week.
    Ah well. Next time.

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great job!
    Thank you Durval! Your efforts are highly appreciated! 🙂

  4. Unfortunately I’ve problem with the time 🙁 , i hope to be one of the speaker in the next edition.

  5. Chen V says:

    Any links for Speakers Call for ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Olá Comunidade TechNet Wiki , hoje é domingo , Final de Semana Surpresa .
    Nesse final

  7. Chervine says:

    Lets make this event a great one !!
    Thanks for sharing Durval !

  8. Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks to all our speakers! And thanks to Durval for driving this one!

  9. Anonymous says:

    The TNWikiSummit15 will be made available to the largest possible attendees , always respecting their

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m very happy to announce that we are opening the registrations for different Presentations on TechNet

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