Council Spotlight: A New Year, a New Challenge! Become the FIRST Microsoft Guru of 2015!

Happy New Year!

"Guru 2014" is so 'last year'!

The real glory is to be the first Guru of 2015! 😀

The birth of a new year, and a new hero?

Or the stamp of authority from long established Guru leaders?

The challenge is on, all eyes are watching, anyone could win this month.

The prize? Glory! Honor! Virtual medals! Unashamed love and worship from those within the community and those bloging about it (article spotlights, weekly awards). Published interviews and the chance to climb the TechNet social ladder. Become a true TNWiki Ninja and advance through to black belt... and beyond!

All you have to do is add an article to TechNet Wiki from your own specialist field. Something that fits into one of the categories listed on the submissions page. Copy in your own blog posts, a forum solution, a white paper, or just something you had to solve for your own day's work today.

Drop us some nifty knowledge, or superb snippets, and become MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH!

This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition, where people such as yourselves can truly get noticed!


1) Please copy over your Microsoft technical solutions and revelations to TechNet Wiki.

2) Add a link to it on THIS WIKI COMPETITION PAGE (so we know you've contributed)

3) Every month, we will highlight your contributions, and select a "Guru of the Month" in each technology.

If you win, we will sing your praises in blogs and forums, similar to the weekly contributor awards. Once "on our radar" and making your mark, you will probably be interviewed for your greatness, and maybe eventually even invited into other inner TechNet/MSDN circles!

Winning this award in your favoured technology will help us learn the active members in each community.

Feel free to ask any questions below.

More about TechNet Guru Awards

Thanks in advance!
Pete Laker
Ninja Ed

Comments (17)

  1. Chen V,

    Great! Yes, please send me the PowerShell MVPs via Skype. Thanks so much for your help!

    And yes, the rule is that you can’t judge for a category if you’re in it. =^)

    But you might not be all the months, so we want you to judge when you’re not competing.

  2. Shanky_621 says:

    This time I am coming with article for Miscellaneous section apart from database engine section. Game ON!!…

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    New year with new targets! 🙂
    Oh, Shanky (Golden Guy) will be in Miscellaneous! Buddy,this is awesome!
    Thanks Ed & Pete for opening the new one!

  4. Chen V says:

    This is Year is very special 🙂 We have Windows PowerShell section added by me in Competition page 🙂 Let’s Enjoy , Learn and Share PowerShell 🙂 The Tick starts NOW 🙂

  5. Amazing! This initiative TechNet Wiki is amazing!

  6. Chen V says:

    Is there any limitations for adding Contribution Links?

  7. Andy ONeill says:

    One of the things about the competition is that there are very few written rules.
    I don’t see anything there which says you can only add n links.
    On a practical note, I guess the judges are probably fitting this into their evenings or suchlike,
    That time is likely to be finite.
    I wouldn’t get too carried away.

  8. Chen V says:

    Thanks Andy – Hope Ed will fix this as earliest as possible. I have asked few MVP’s to post as well. Let’s wait and see 🙂

  9. Shanky, that’s pretty awesome! Bring it on!

  10. You’re welcome Saeid! And congrats on your recent promotion to an Orange Belt Ninja!

  11. Chen V, thanks for adding PowerShell! Let’s get the PowerShell party started! It has proven itself as one of the most consistent topics in the Miscellaneous category, and that’s how we’re gauging interest on new categories!

    It’s a very organic thing. We’ve shut down a few categories, and I think we’ll be putting Visio to bed and moving it to Miscellaneous. So we’ll just revisit it as we go! Thanks!

  12. Chen V, in fact, you just reminded me that this deserves an announcement blog post on its own! Thanks!

  13. Thanks Alan! It’s certainly grown bigger than I thought it would! It was intended to bring Forum folks into leveraging the power of the Wiki. Well, it grew even bigger than that! Now it brings bloggers in and just people reading the blogs who learn about
    it! It also brings in people to help show their expertise for MVP awards and it brings in fantastic MVPs who want to continue giving back to the community (and often get renewed in the process). So special thanks to XAML guy for helping rock our world!

  14. Andy, yes our judges’ time is finite and it is certainly difficult to wrangle all the judges to get it all done.

    However, I’m still pretty happy having all our MS employees and MVPs judging. I think they’re a critical part of the quality and excellence we strive for with the awards. It might be a little bumpy, but it helps bring the awards up to a high level and challenge!

    Thanks Andy and Chen for your fantastic contributions!

  15. Chen and Andy, there are no rules for how many articles you submit. But you eventually do compete with yourself. =^)

    So the best solution is to focus on a few good articles each month. And instead of writing 10 articles in one area, you might write three amazing articles in that one area that really ensure that at least one of them might make it into the top three (and one
    might make gold)!

    And then what someone like Mr X has done (and other great contributors, like Sara Silva), is that instead of writing 6+ articles in one category, they write a few for a few different categories! That helps maximize the impact and also gives some friendly competition
    to the other categories!

  16. Chen V says:

    Ed Thanks for confirmation. I have removed all my articles except one – Requested few PS MVP’s to participate and found one more participation in PowerShell Category.! Let’s enjoy this competition. If MVP’s are going to judge then they should not participate
    in competition for that particular month 🙂

  17. Andy ONeill says:

    Ummm, yes indeed.
    Voting in a category one entered oneself doesn’t seem quite right ;^)

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