International Spotlight: A great year for Lusitanian-Brazilian Community

In 2014 many Community members shared their knowledge and appreciated for helping the TechNet Wiki "pt-br" grow up too.

See below for a "small retrospective" of Best Moments of who collaborated with Portuguese articles and also on TechNet "Wiki Ninjas Brazil" blog.

Today my post was inspired by Alan and Hezequias who recently wrote:

Quinta-Feira - Conselho Spotlight - O que aconteceu na comunidade TechNet Wiki em 2014?

Wiki Life - Feliz Ano Novo!


Featured Articles

Who recently went to our TechNet Wiki already know this Portal.

 You can remember everything related to "Featured Articles" on TechNet Wiki (pt-br) in using the tag: Artigo em Destaque.


We have an "aka"

We also have shortened URL from Microsoft.

See and memorize ... The Portuguese TechNet Wiki link's:


"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Now let's quickly access our TechNet Wiki Portal !!!

You can remember this announcement on post Quinta-Feira - Conselho Spotlight: Nós temos um "aka"


New MVP's

Whole Community can feel proud of important mission to our members: The sharing and improving of knowledge to us.

When receiving this award is just a confirmation that TechNet Wiki can value the work carried out.

See below our members that became MVP's (in alphabetical order):

Andre R. Novello

Eduardo Sena

Rodrigo Romano

Vinicius Mozart

You can remember this announcement on post Quinta-Feira - Conselho Spotlight: TechNet Wiki ajudando a formar novos MVP´s

"TechNet Wiki Day" awards

They were the Best of the Year and were awarded one of the most important awards on TechNet Community:

 February, 2014: SharePoint 2013: Exportando dados da lista para Excel by Demétrio Silva
 March, 2014: Filtro de lista no Outlook 2010 com lista do SharePoint 2010 by Denis Roberto Felix
 April, 2014: Windows 8 / Server 2012 - Identificar características da ISO by Caio Vilas Boas
 May, 2014: Criando aplicações Windows Phone 8.1 e Windows 8.1 usando o App Studio da Microsoft by Sara MG Silva
 June, 2014: Analisando o desempenho de uma aplicação by Italo Pessoa
 August, 2014 Passos de troubleshooting para cenários de Slow Logon e Slow Boot by Fernando H. Silva
 September, 2014 Balanceamento de Carga - SQL Server by Tulio Rosa
 October, 2014 Preparando o Ambiente e Instalando o System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 by Walter Teixeira
 November, 2014 Grupos de Colaboração do Office 365 by Mauricio Cassemiro
 December, 2014  in soon !!! 

You can remember everything related to "TNWiki Day award" on TechNet Wiki (pt-br) in using the tag:TechNet Wiki Day.

Wiki Ninjas Blog "Brazil" - The Current authors

All this has earned a special mention due to great job of Blog authors.

So I need to give thanks to who collaborated with Wiki Ninjas Brazil Blog in 2014 (in alphabetical order):

Alan Nascimento Carlos 

Daniel Donda

Durval Ramos 

Fernando Lugão Veltem

Hezequias Vasconcelos

Jefferson Castilho

Luciano Lima

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos

"Who Has What" Ninjas Belt ranking in "Brazil"

Many began to look for more information and producing articles to change your Ninja Belt.

You can remember this announcement on post Sexta-Feira - Atualização internacional - Quem possui as faixas Wiki Ninjas no Brasil?

Portuguese FaceBook Reformulated

Inspired by all International contributions on FaceBook, we also updated our Fan Page and create a Group for those who "likes" the TechNet Wiki.

You can remember this announcement on post Domingo - Final de Semana Surpresa - Wiki Ninjas Brasil no Facebook

We received "Translation Challenge" award

This Challenge had a great contest with more than "200 articles" translated into 8 different languages.

The TechNet Wiki awarded our Community with new Wiki Ninjas images, related to translations and "soccer".

You can remember this announcement on post Sexta-Feira - Atualização Internacional da Comunidade - Homenagem aos Bi-campeões do "Desafio"

I hope you remember to "a little" work of Lusitanian-Brazilian Community has inspired all who speak Portuguese (who knows ... we can also inspire other members in different languages) to create even more great articles in 2015.

Happy new year TechNet and MSDN Communities !!!

TechNet Wiki member

See you soon here !

Brazilian Wiki Ninja Durval

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  1. Saeid Hasani says:

    Great job
    Thanks Durval for sharing! 🙂

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Saeid !!!

    I hope that all work can create more motivation for who speaks Portuguese language and also for other Communities in the World.

  3. says:


  4. Wow! I was impressed by this list in Portuguese, but it’s even more impressive to see it all written out in English! Well, to an English speaker, anyway. =^)

    Go Portuguese Ninjas!

  5. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Ed.

    We hope more articles and even more highlighted in 2015 !!! Let’s Grow Together =^D

  6. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Congrats to all member. Pourtuguese Ninjas very fast running.

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