Wiki Life: TechNet Wiki + MSDN/TechNet Gallery = AMAZING!!!!

Welcome to Wiki Life Wednesday! For this Wiki Life, I'm bringing back one of my favorite series to blog about: social synergy.


First, I want to say that this topic isn't new. For years, we've been preaching the value of using MSDN and TechNet Gallery in conjunction with TechNet Wiki! In fact, this blog post is over 3 years old: Wiki Life: Should I use the Gallery or TechNet Wiki?

And there's no real reason to repeat all that, because it's still the same! All the arguments are still golden!

Read all about it here:


So then what is today's blog about?

Well, thanks to XAML guy's amazing-tastic monthly TechNet Guru contest, we've had a lot of great articles posted on TechNet Wiki in the last year and a half, and those articles have had a LOT of code in them! And that was a great place for us to recommend best practices of putting your larger code snippets and samples up on the Gallery! 

In other words, when we wrote those blogs above, we were writing about WHAT WE WANTED TO HAPPEN!

We weren't writing about what was happening.


But times have changed!


And now, I present to you a list of all the AMAZING articles from our wonderful community that have synergized with MSDN and TechNet Gallery!

Check them out and see the clever ways they link to the Gallery items!

And if you're writing up code snippets, samples, or even tools to accompany your TechNet Wiki articles, then I recommend putting them on the MSDN or TechNet Gallery and linking to them from your Wiki article! 

For example, when you write a Wiki article, you want to break up your code a lot and explain it all, so that people can follow along! But you also want to have the code available as a single unit that they can download or copy from. That's where the Gallery item comes into play. It's the best of both worlds, and as the articles mention above (you did read them, right?), YOU BUILD TWO SOURCES OF COMMUNITY, RECOGNITION POINTS, and ACHIEVEMENT MEDALS instead of just one!

What could be better than that?


And so with one further ado...



Here are your wonderful TechNet Wiki articles that include links to Gallery Items (MSDN Gallery, TechNet Gallery, CodePlex, or GitHub):

[EDIT, PG] Below is an initial list. Please keep the list up to date here: TechNet Wiki and Gallery Synergy

  1. ASP.NET MVC - AngularJS, Web API and EntityFramework to build SPA
  2. ASP.NET WebApi - Use Redis as CacheManager
  3. AutoCompleteBox for Universal apps 
  4. BizTalk: How to use MessageBox Viewer to compare multiple environments
  5. BizTalk script to deal with suspended messages (vbs)
  6. Blackboard Design Pattern: A Practical Example - Radar Defense System
  7. C Sharp: Multi-Types Application
  8. Communicating Between Classes
  9. Create a Universal Application with Windows App Studio
  10. Export To CSV for Windows Store apps
  11. Get Notified when a database status changes
  12. hangMan
  13. How to get unique permissions for sites/lists/libraries for Office 365/SharePoint 2013 On-Prem
  14. Microsoft’s Windows App Studio Beta: Submit Menu App in the Store
  15. Modern UI for WPF application by example (handle navigation) 
  16. Modern UI for WPF application by example (NavigationService - MVVM)
  17. Part one: Sqlite on Windows Phone 8.1
  18. Part one: the Nokia Maps on Windows Phone 8.
  19. SharePoint 2013: Install Prerequisites Offline or Manually on Windows Server 2012 - A Comprehensive  Guide 
  20. SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Browser File Handling Deep Dive 
  21. SharePoint: Browser File Handling Deep Dive
  22. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.1: Graphics Window
  23. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.2: Turtle Graphics
  24. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.3: Exploring Shapes
  25. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.4: Sound, Program, and Text Objects
  26. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.5: Clock, Desktop, and Dictionary Objects
  27. Small Basic Curriculum: Lesson 2.6: Flickr, ImageList, and Network Objects
  28. SQL Server load balancing
  29. SSAS: Explaining the GetClusterCharacteristics Stored Procedure for Sequence Clustering Models
  30. SSAS: Explaining the State Transitions Viewer for Sequence Clustering
  31. T-SQL: Error Handling for CHECK Constraints
  32. T-SQL: How to Generate Random Passwords
  33. T-SQL: How to Get the Latest Costs
  34. T-SQL: INSTEAD OF Triggers
  35. Table of Content Web Part: Slightly different in SharePoint 2013 / Online
  36. The class GeocodeQuery in Windows Phone 8.
  37. Transact-SQL: Join Order
  38. Transact-SQL: Return DBCC Output in a View
  39. User Page: Durval Ramos
  40. Using Prism for Windows Runtime
  41. Wiki: Fix Color Issues in Wiki Articles 
  42. Wiki Ninja Stick Figures
  43. Windows Phone 8: ReverseGeocodeQuery class
  44. WPF: CollectionView Tips
  45. WPF ComboBox Binding in DataGrid
  46. WPF: Dynamic XAML
  47. WPF DynamicResource ObservableCollection
  48. WPF: Entity Framework MVVM Walk Through 1
  49. WPF: Keeping your MVVM Views DRY


Help us make it easy to track these articles by adding this tag: 

has Gallery download


Thanks to all the contributors!

Did I miss your article? Then post a link to it in the comments below, and I'll add it!


Have a good bye, and remember to jump on in!!! The Wiki is warm.

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Great, thanks Geetanjali!

  2. Thanks for share Ed, and congrats to all contributors!

  3. saramgsilva says:

    Nice! I have more articles linked to Gallery! ๐Ÿ˜€ will try to publish all here! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Thanks, Saeid, I appreciate it! And thanks to Saeid and Andy for getting us started. I’ll get these ones up now.

  5. Saeid, I added your two articles. Thanks!

    Also, could you add the "has Gallery download" tag to those articles? My computer is a little slow for adding tags right now.


  6. Saeid, Sara, and Andy, should there be some sort of common way to find the download link across all the articles?

    For example, what about an H1 Header at the bottom that’s "Downloads" and then each associated download (that is elsewhere linked in the article) is also placed as a bulleted link in this section?

    I think that would be helpful. Thoughts?


  7. Andy, I finished adding your articles you linked to (and verified all the Gallery links).

    Fantastic job! Thanks!

  8. We’re up to 40 articles so far. Thanks, everyone!

  9. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you Ed. Thank you everyone.

  10. Excellent suggestion, to link Gallery contributions and Wiki articles. This also gives me ideas for new Wiki articles.

  11. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Ed! This post is more like an article which has its revisions! ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be a Gold winner, if you publish it as an article! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I added the "has Gallery download" tag to my articles!
    I agree with your great suggestion about having such convention to help readers!

  12. Hello all, as a blog post is difficult to keep up to date, please head over to this Wiki article and add your articles. But more important, better tag your article with the correct tag.

  13. Durval Ramos says:

    Peter, Excellent initiative!!!

    This article will greatly stimulate "Social Synergy" between our TNWiki and TNGallery…

    Thanks for quoting my "User Page" article =^D

  14. Good job Ed! Thanks..

  15. Andy ONeill says:

    I’ll give it some thought on the design. I think it is maybe easy for the casual reader to flip through an article and miss the fact they’re expected to go read the gallery link(s) as well.
    There’s only so much you can do without making it look a bit silly/patronising though.

    If this was standardised then you would at least have the same visual cue across the wiki.,
    Which is another reason for standard css classes.
    You ( or errm someone ) could do a page which explains all the hoops you’re supposed to jump through and offers a suggested template/pattern.

    Maybe you’d need more than one template though.
    If you have just the one sample then it’s easy. Context = article.
    If you have say 7 samples then you risk having to explain the things again. If that’s kind of the entire purpose of the article holding those links then that is a mismatch.

  16. Andy ONeill says:

    Some more thoughts.
    I thought maybe using "Sample Article" and making it a heading.
    I thought h6 might work.
    Headings are html link names and must be unique in a page plus they want to go on a separate line.
    That’s a problem if you have more than one sample on a page.

  17. Richard: "This also gives me ideas for new Wiki articles."

    Fantastic! Let’s get those articles in the Wiki Guru challenges! =^)

    Thanks, Richard!

  18. Carmelo, I added your articles to this blog post.

  19. Lex, I added your article to my list in this blog post. Thanks!

  20. Durval, thanks! It’s been successful so far!

    And you’re welcome about your User Page! All types of synergy with Galleries are welcome! =^)

  21. Pituach, I added your articles to this blog post!

    The link to one of your articles was bad, but I figured it out. Here’s the proper link:


  22. Andy, good points. We don’t have anything like that (CSS, styles, built-in templates, etc.). It’s not compatible with the current Telligent platform.

    We hope to get some of those capabilities with the new platform transfer this year. We’ll see.

    Until then, we use guidelines instead.

    Here are our UX Guidelines:

    In this blog post, I suggested an earlier standard that I’ve been driving (lightly) for a few years, using the "has Gallery download" tag on the TechNet Wiki articles. Peter Geelen created a Wiki article after this blog post, where he expanded on the tags concept
    greatly with lots of options:

    Earlier in this thread, I was encouraging to use a guideline where we’d have a "Downloads" section with links to any Samples or other Downloads.

    I’ve used this method on some of my Small Basic articles here:

    And then Lex followed the guideline with his recent article:

    So I think we should follow that guideline and make it official, putting some info in the UX Guidelines that describes that guideline, as well as the tag convention that PG has set up.

    I’ll ask PG if he wants to add in the guidelines.


  23. EVERYONE: I appreciate you putting your links here… this makes a nice list. But also make sure you get your links up on the Wiki article that Peter Geelen built out:

    You’ll also find great standards on the Gallery tags you can use!

  24. Thanks, Margriet!

    And special thanks to Peter Geelen and all the folks who’ve responded on this post, in Peter’s Wiki article, and by adding the tags in their articles so that we can track the awesome synergy! You all worked together to make this blog post a big success at pulling
    our community together around this effort!

  25. Anonymous says:

    History of TechNet Guru
    First of all, if you don’t know the history of TechNet Guru, then you

  26. Anonymous says:

    Olรก Comunidade TechNet Wiki!
    Hoje รฉ quarta-feira, dia de Wiki-Life !
    No Wiki-Life

  27. Anonymous says:

    I had some technical snags, but thanks to Ronen, we got it going. I haven’t been able to get the

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