Announcing the Week of Curah!! (11/17 – 11/23) Celebrate Curah's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Curah! – Join us for curation week 11/17 - 11/23 to help us celebrate one year of Curah!


According to our calendar, Microsoft’s curation service – Curah! –is celebrating its first birthday on November 20th  – and we’ve been so busy enjoying all the great curations from all our users that we’re only now taking a moment to take stock of the fun and fantastic journey we’re all on! Back on November 20th of last year, Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Content Services and International (CE CSI) team rolled out Curah! with a very specific purpose: to help people searching in Google or Bing find annotated collections of great content that specifically target common technical questions. We’ve all been there before, typing in a search query and then hunting and clicking through many pages of search results wondering where the good stuff is, what’s reputable, what’s appropriate - and what’s current. A Curah! curation takes the guesswork out of the process because it has been hand-selected and annotated by experts like you.


Since the launch late last year, contributors have published thousands of new curations – and have learned that Curah! offers a great opportunity to help people find what they need quickly and with confidence. And we want to thank all those who joined us in becoming “founding curators” – and invite those who haven’t tried Curah! to come and join the fun and become a curator.


Are you up for a challenge?

We challenge you to become the top curator of the week! We have fun prizes for the top three contributors.


Are you new to curation?

Here are few helpful tips on curation to get you started:

·         Choose a technical topic that you deeply care about

·         Collect your favorite and most valuable technical links to address a topic of your choice

·         Be selective and rate each piece of content on quality to improve user experience

·         Provide your perspective and guidance for each selected content to add context and value

·         Choose the right titles to appropriately tell a story


Share your curated content, it will improve the SEO of your curation!

There are number of ways you can share your curation:

·         Share it on social media

·         Include the link in technical articles

·         Share it on blogs & wiki’s

·         Share it with communities/social networking


(Check out our SEO best practices for content curators here )


Got questions or feedback? Contact us at


Put your curator hat on and have fun curating!


Thank you,

The Curah! team

Comments (16)

  1. Durval Ramos says:

    The time went very fast, I really enjoyed with Curah!

    Congrats to all who use this amazing tool… and happy birthday Curah! Team

  2. Saeid Hasani says:

    Happy Birthday Curah! Thanks Ed for sharing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the Week of Curah here in the wacky world of Wiki Ninjas!
    We invite you to take advantage

  4. Recep YUKSEL says:

    Thank you Ed. Happy Birthday Curah.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Let’s celebrate our Curah! Week…Featuring a bit about Curah! articles on TechNet Wiki and how this

  6. Anonymous says:

    A year ago Content Services and International (C+E CSI) rolled out a new Microsoft curation service –

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday – Wiki Life post.
    This week we celebrate one year of

  8. Renato Haddad says:

    Happy birthday Curah, keep helping the community

  9. Anonymous says:

    Last Sunday, we shared with you that this is the birthday of Curah: Announcing the Week of Curah!! (11

  10. Anonymous says:

    Curah!, the new content curation platform launched by Microsoft a year ago, is making a real difference

  11. Anonymous says:

    Searching for technical content is tough enough. Sharing technical content with your peer group isn’t

  12. Anonymous says:

    Curate and create great collections of annotated technical content to share! Curah! is an innovative

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