Make a difference with Curah!

 Are you ready to make a difference?

Make a difference with Curah!

Curah!, the new content curation platform launched by Microsoft eight months ago, is making a real difference for the customers who are using it – and for the creative people who have already published thousands of high-quality curations on technical topics.

Curah! is fully optimized for the community, and anyone with a Microsoft Account ID can become a curator. It is a great way to collect the best content on the web about a specific topic and provides a platform for curators to share their expertise, tips and insights.


New to Curah!?





You can find all the TechNet Wiki articles about Curah here:

Curah! Portal



Also, Curah is a great tool to collect and organize links to TechNet Wiki articles!

Find a Turkish blog post on Curah here: Curah! - Web’in kuratoru olun ve bildiklerinizi paylasin    

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (10)

  1. You’re welcome! And thanks to Davut and Gokan for helping us evangelize Turkish content on Curah as well!

  2. Also, this is the latest Curah article that’s on TechNet Wiki:

    The Top 10 lists on the right are pretty cool!

  3. Saeid Hasani says:

    Thanks Ed and Davut! 🙂
    It seems great!
    I love the point #2 more than others!

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Merhabalar değerli wiki takipçileri,
    Bu yazımda sizlere Microsoft’ un tüm technet

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